Call Me Ugly, But Don't Call Me the Weather Girl

Last week, FTVLive told you that a study showed that female TV talent were the only subjects that got trolled on and verbally abused more than men on social media. 

ABC's Ginger Zee found that out first hand when some idiot called her and ugly "weather girl" on Twitter.

Zee responded saying you can call her ugly all you want, but don't dare to call her a "weather girl."

Zee later said "....don’t disrespect me by calling me that other nasty term! I studied too hard & chased too many storms to be called that,” she wrote.

The troll, Brian Rice obviously needs a lesson in manners and needs to get his eyes checked. Zee is a Meteorologist and  sure as hell looks a lot better than Sam Champion.

Just saying.... 

Vice Media to Sell Stake to A&E Networks

Vice Media ended their talks with Time Warner this morning, but they had an ace up their sleeve.

The Financial Times says that Vice is finalizing the sale of a 10 per cent stake to A&E Networks, the cable television group jointly owned by Walt Disney and Hearst Corporation, in a deal valuing the digital media company at $2.5bn.

Vice and Time Warner broke off talks earlier Today over the purchase of a stake that would have valued the group at about $2bn.

The Financial Times says that A&E will pay $250m for 10 per cent, which represents a steep increase in Vice’s value.

Last year it sold a 5 per cent stake to Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox for $70m, which then valued it at $1.4bn.

Vice will produce digital and cable programming for A&E as part of the deal but it will not currently take over any of the running of any of the company’s cable channels, which had been part of its negotiations with Time Warner, according to people briefed on the negotiations. 

The latest deal was negotiated between Nancy Dubuc, president of A&E Networks, and Vice.

“It’s a great deal for us,” said Shane Smith, Vice’s chief executive. “It means we can preserve our independence and it gives us a war chest for another three years of dramatic growth.”

Vice is “exploring channel possibilities” with A&E, he added, in addition to producing programming.

Report: Vice Media, HLN Talks Breakdown

The NY Times is reporting that Time Warner has ended negotiations to buy a major stake in Vice Media, according to a person briefed on the discussions.

The two companies started talking in June about the possibility of a joint venture. One scenario included Time Warner’s giving Vice control of the cable channel HLN, which would have provided Vice with a 24-hour network that reaches more than 100 million households.

The conversations collapsed after the two companies were unable to agree on a valuation of Vice, a fast-growing media business with a strong following among millennials.

A spokesman for Vice was not immediately available for comment.

Stay tuned.... 

The Redheaded Stepchild Pushed Out @CNN

A few days ago, FTVLive told you that layoffs starting to go down in CNN's DC Bureau.

One of those that caught the falling blade was CNN's Capitol Hill reporter, Lisa Desjardins.

It sucks when a company eliminates your positions, but Desjardins saw a bit of humor in getting whacked.

She posted her goodbye to CNN video on YouTube and it is worth the watch. With and attitude like that, we expect she should land a new gig soon. 

Let's go to the video: 

Chelsea Clinton Leaving NBC News

Not sure how Journalism will survive, but Chelsea Clinton says she's leaving NBC news.

Clinton says she's leaving the Peacock to focus on mom duties. Clinton and her husband Marc Mezvinsky are expecting their first child. 

Clinton did a couple of stories a year for NBC and made $600,000....why the hell would you leave that job?

Clinton, 34, says the highlights of her job included meeting people like Annette Dove, whose TOPPS program in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, "continues to fill the hunger, education and safety gaps for kids of all ages in her community." 

She also thanks viewers who responded to her stories by helping to fund and expand programs she featured.

It is not likely that NBC will fill Clinton's job, but if they are.... I want to apply. 

H/T People

Former Sacramento Anchor Heads to Court

 Former KTXL Anchor Sabrina Rodriguez had a date with the judge yesterday morning.  

The former Anchor made her first court appearance – and her first public comments – since being charged with three felony counts July 31 and "resigning" from her job five days later.

“First appearance in court and the start to a long road of clearing my name and re-establishing my reputation, so it’s something that I’m really looking forward to,” Rodriguez told The Sacramento Bee in brief statements after court. “As you saw in court, there are a number of people out there who have just been unbelievably supportive.

“And it’s been really heartwarming and inspirational and has given me strength. I didn’t expect the overwhelming support that I’ve gotten.”

Rodriguez did not enter a plea Thursday and is scheduled to return to court Sept. 9.

Is that a Coach handbag she's holding?

Just asking....

Dear CNN....

Dear CNN....

CNN producer Kim Segal is getting out, while the getting is good.

Segal leaves the cable net to work as an attorney in the Broward (FL) County Public Defender’s Office.

As she leaves, she took to Facebook to send a last "love letter" to CNN.

Segal writes:

I don't normally put my love letters online but then again my last break up was before the internet age. 

Dear CNN,

I loved you from the moment we met. It was a time when you cared more about coups than poop cruises, when people like Baby Doc would get more air time than a kid named Bieber and when news was the star. Oh how I long for that wonderful time when news was the star. Even then, some folks still called us Chicken Noodle News but more often we would hear Communist News Network. This was because of Ted. (Remember him? His name is still on a few sister networks, for now anyway) But Ted’s relationship with Castro did not influence our coverage and the things people said didn’t bother us because we were a very proud bunch of journalists. And a lot of journalists there were. Those of us pounding the pavement outnumbered the people behind desks pushing paper. There were no pundits or opinions just a 24 hour quest for objectivity and balance. 

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