KTVU ND Headed to Boston

Back in June, FTVLive told you that Fox and Cox were swapping east and west coast stations.

Cox is giving up KTVU in the San Francisco market to Fox Television stations. In return, Fox is going to give Cox their stations in Boston (WFXT) and throw in Memphis (WHBQ) as well. 

Now, left coast sources tell FTVLive that KTVU News Director Lee Rosenthal will be headed to the east coast and Boston's WFXT.

Rosenthal has been the ND at KTVU since April 2013. He will replace Paul McGonagle - the current ND at WFXT in Boston.

McGonagle, as FTVLive FIRST reported is rumored to be headed to WTTG in DC. 

Stay tuned.... 

Indy Station to Add News when it Loses CBS

Back in August, FTVLive told you that WISH in Indy is losing their affiliation with CBS.

On Aug 11th, FTVLive wrote, "If WISH is going to stay a player in the market, the only way they will be able to do that is by beefing up the news department. It's just a question of if they will do that or not."

Well, it appears that WISH is taking FTVLive's advice and doing just that. The station sent out a release saying WISH-TV will be expanding local news starting on Jan. 1, 2015.

Four hours of news programming will be added each weekday at the start of the new year. The expansion is part of an investment into WISH-TV’s local news programming.

“The investments we are making further enhance WISH-TV’s 60-year commitment to localism and local news,” said WISH-TV General Manager Les Vann. “The additional 20 hours of news per week will allow us to deliver more breaking news, investigative journalism, sports and weather coverage, across all screens, and in new time periods for our viewers.”

24-Hour News 8’s Daybreak will expand by two hours, airing from 4:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. 24-Hour News 8 at Noon will expand by 30 minutes to 1 p.m. 24-Hour News 8’s early newscast will expand by 30 minutes to 7 p.m. and WISH-TV’s late newscast will expand one additional hour, from 10 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

As WISH beefs up news, they have holes to fill in the sales department. Sources tell FTVLive that the station lost another key sales manager Paul Simonetti has bailed to WRTV as director of local sales.

Out the Door in Tampa

WTSP (Tampa) Anchor Heather Van Nest has left the building.

Van Nest posted a Facebook message Wednesday telling viewers she's no longer with the station:

"I am excited for new work opportunities that allow for more flexibility in my family life,'' she wrote. "Working until midnight with a 1-year-old son, 3-year-old daughter and husband at home is not ideal.''

Van Nest had been missing on air for several days, fueling speculation that her contract with the station hadn't been renewed.

Messages left with the station's general manager, Elliott Wiser, weren't returned. Co-anchor Reginald Roundtree said he couldn't comment. Van Nest's photo was removed from WTSP's website.

She came to WTSP as morning and noon anchor in 2002 and joined Roundtree on the station's evening and late-night newscasts in 2004.

H/T Tampa Bay Times

Another One Crosses the Street in Buffalo

WKBW is continuing its mini-raid of local TV news departments.

The station announced that it has hired Katie Morse who was an anchor-reporter at Time Warner Cable News station in Buffalo.

Morse joins the station on Oct. 28 as a nightside reporter and anchor.

“She is a solid journalist with strong local roots and will be a great addition to our growing news operation,” said WKBW General Manager Michael Nurse.

Morse will be the third local news staffer to move to WKBW in the last several weeks.

H/T Buffalo News

Maine Sportscasting Legend is Dead

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 6.22.40 AM.png

Longtime WCHS Sports Anchor Bruce Glasier has passed away.

Glasier,  who had been battling lung cancer, passed away late last night at the age of 69.

Glasier started working for WCSH back in 1977 and was the face of local sports in Maine before retiring in 2012.

The station says that Bruce was a major reason many young people in Maine chose to be sportscasters, or go into broadcasting. His effect on others can not be overstated. He will be terribly missed.


Grand Jury Leak in Michael Brown Shooting?

As if the Michael Brown shooting case in Ferguson wasn't screwed up enough, now there is a possible leak from the grand jury.

A woman named Susan Nichols posted on her Twitter account that the grand jury says there is not enough evidence against Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson to indict him.

Not long after Nichols posted the message she pulled it down and now Prosecutors are investigating the possible leak.

Exactly what this whole thing needs, more controversy. 

BriWi: If I knew I was Going to be an Anchor, I would have Fixed my Nose

NBC's Brian Williams is not a fan of Twitter, the Nightly News Anchor has never sent a tweet.

But, BriWi did take time out yesterday to do a chat on Facebook. He answered the hard hitting questions, like this one:

Viewer Kate Silveira said her three-year-old son wanted to be Williams for Halloween (and was Lester Holt last year). She asked for advice on how to pull it off.

WILLIAMS: "Best advice: have someone break his nose, so it heads off on a weird angle (KIDDING...DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. ATTEMPT AT SELF-EFFACING HUMOR DUE TO BROKEN NOSE IN HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL) but seriously ... if I'd known I was gonna work in television I wouldn't have settled for having my nose put back into place...after being broken by the bridge of my helmet ... with two popsicle sticks on the sidelines. Other than that: tell him to rock a good tie and walk around saying we'll look for you right back here tomorrow night."

You can read some more of the Q&A at NBC's website

Dan Rather's State of the Media

Dan Rather, who's just happy that someone still wants to talk to him, spoke on a panel about the state of the media.

As expected, Rather still is not a fan of the Internet. "The Internet is the greatest opportunity for the manipulation of news and outright propaganda that has yet existed, greater than television, greater than radio, greater than film," Rather said.

Rather also weighed in on CNN's over the top coverage of the missing Malaysian airliner.

"This is part of what's infected the business," he said. " ... In a desperate effort to grab the ratings and what they see as the demographic high-brow, they'll run it into the ground."

Rather was asked by a crowd member for his take on the current slate of broadcast news anchors.

"They have the goods," Rather said, noting that he knows all but newly minted ABC "World News Tonight" anchor David Muir.

"They want to walk in the steps [of legendary anchors like Walter Cronkite]. They want to keep the flame burning," he said. "But it's extremely difficult for them to do so under the circumstances."

Poor Dan is still trying to be relevant, but it's getting harder and harder for him to do so.

You can read more on Rather's comments at Capital New York. 

St. Louis News Director to Leave

Longtime KSDK (St. Louis) News Director Mike Shipley told his staff today that he will be leaving the station.

Shipley told news staff in a meeting that he planed on staying at the station until his replacement is hired.

Shipley began at KSDK in the early 1980s as an assignment desk worker. He rose to newsroom operations manager, assistant news director and then news director by 2000.

After a years-long run of being the top local station for newscasts, KSDK has slipped in the ratings, being passed at times by KMOV and KTVI.

"He had a No. 1 legacy station here, and he let it slip," said one source in local television.

This year, the station's news operation has caused controversy in St. Louis.

In January, the station apologized for one of its news crews causing a lockdown at Kirkwood High School. In that incident, it was unclear if a station employee identified himself as a journalist after entering the building.

In mid-August, the station again apologized, this time for airing video on one newscast that showed the home of Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police officer who on Aug. 9 shot teen Michael Brown.

The station is not commenting on Shipley leaving.

Because, you know...the communications business.

H/T St. Louis Post Dispatch