Sports Anchor Sues Gannett Station

Sports Anchor Sues Gannett Station

In a federal class action, an Arkansas sports broadcaster accuses KTHV the Gannett station in Little Rock of running a racist workplace that makes it impossible for black workers to be promoted to lead anchor and management positions.

Mark Nelson aka Mark Edwards sued Gannett's KTHV Channel 11 in a 26-page lawsuit with 23 pages of attachments.

Edwards claims that Gannett ran a sophisticated scheme and cover "in the form of focus groups and other means and methods that are subjectively manipulated by Gannett to achieve its discriminatory goals and objectives."

According to the lawsuit, Gannett "has a corporate custom, policy, pattern, practice and procedure of not promoting African-Americans to director and leadership positions and utilizing a 'one-and-done policy' that disparately impacts African-American employed within the company."

Edwards says he began working for Gannett at THV Channel 11 in 2003 "in what is referred to as a 'number three' position" - editing and production, rather than sports anchor or broadcaster.

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Checkbook Journalism in Houston

It appears that paying for news stories doesn't just happen at the network level.

The big story in Houston this week where a 14 year old girl was kidnapped by a 51 year old former family friend.  

The good news is the teen was found over 300 miles away in South Texas.  But, the parents didn't have money to drive down and get her.

Houston insiders tell FTVLive that KHOU offered to pick up the tab to bring the girl and her mom back to Houston.  

Word is that KHOU paid for the mom and teens flight home in an effort to get the exclusive.  KHOU Reporter Malini Basu rode with mom and daughter on the plane and  tweeted pictures along the way back.

WTF? PA Station Interviews KKK Grand Dragon

Whenever a big story breaks, local stations love to try and localize the story or do the the old "could it happen here?"

It is a crutch that TV news has used for decades.

But, WTAJ took it to a whole new level when they tried to "localize" the story of a former Kansas Klan leader killing three people at a Jewish Community Center.

WTAJ figured if they were going to localize the story they need to get both sides, so they called up the local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan and sat down with the Grand Dragon.


You'll be happy to know two things. First, the PA Grand Dragon says the Klan  is not a hate group and says he even has "a lot of black friends." Oh my God the station actually used that quote on air.

The second thing you will notice is the Klan has obviously gone green. No white robe for the Grand Dragon.

Good to see the Klan is environmentally friendly. 

Shame of WTAJ for doing this story and letting this idiot on the air.

Let's go to the video:

Why News Sucks in Jacksonville

Why News Sucks in Jacksonville

Although I live in Jacksonville, I don't watch more than an hour of local news per month.

But according to FOLIO the weekly newspaper in Jax, the local TV news sucks and a former Reporter says one of the reasons why that is the case.

FOLIO writes that there are many reasons why local news sucks — and a conspiracy theorist would say that the biggest reason is that it's not local at all.

Action News has been the combined news operation of WAWS and WTEV for the last five years. First Coast News, the infotainment wing of WJXX and WTLV, is owned, along with the stations, by Gannett, and has been a shared operation for 15 years now.

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"Drop Dead Man!"

Roger Ailes biography author Gabriel Sherman was at the Hollywood Reporter's party at the Four Seasons in New York. 

The party was to celebrate the magazine’s annual Most Powerful in New York Media list.

Sherman writes in New York Magazine that despite Fox's repeated bashing of the mainstream media and Hollywood, the Fox crowd was well represented on the Hollywood Reporter's rankings this year. Last night, the magazine honored Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly, and Sean Hannity, and I wanted to hear what they thought of the book.

When I arrived around 7 p.m., O’Reilly was chatting up Alec Baldwin while Megyn Kelly was deep in conversation with CBS News chairman Jeff Fager. Ailes and Hannity were no-shows, so I decided to try O’Reilly first. I caught up with him near the doorway to the Grill Room. I asked if he had read the book and what he thought. When he registered who I was, his eyes bulged out of their sockets.

"Drop dead, man!” he screamed.

"Really?" I said, taken aback.

My response triggered another eruption. He lunged forward at me. He stood there, all six foot five of him, staring me down. I thought he might take a swing at me. His producer Jesse Watters stood nearby, smiling. Before I could say anything more, O'Reilly spun around and stalked off with Watters in tow.

I went up to Megyn Kelly next. She was touring the party with her husband, and the pair was way friendlier than her Fox colleague. But the vibe was cold. "I'm sorry, but I can't be seen talking to you," Kelly said. "It will get me in trouble." I asked her why. She stuck to her talking points. Before I turned to leave, there was one thing she wanted me to know. "Roger Ailes is a great man," she said. 

Natalie Morales Ready to Run

Natalie Morales has a pain in her ass and surprisingly, it's not Matt Lauer.

The Today Show cohost trained so hard to run the Boston Marathon that she strained her proximal hamstring.

“It is literally a pain in my butt,” says Morales, who is running the 26.2 miles to raise money for The One Fund and the Challenged Athletes Foundation charities to benefit victims. “It really is painful, but I’m hoping that with all of the adrenaline and the support of the crowd, that it will be mind over matter.”

The 41-year-old mother of two has five marathons under her belt, including a speedy 3 hour, 31-minute finish at Hartford in 2006. It’s been eight years and two pregnancies since that last feat, however, and getting back on track has been a labor of love.

“I’m over 40 now, which sucks,” she says. “The body doesn’t recover as easily as it did in my 30s when I do these long runs. Finding time to do a 2 1/2 hour 20-mile run is not easy.”

The Boston Marathon has always been on her running bucket list. After interviewing bombing survivors like Celeste Corcoran, who lost both her legs but plans to run the marathon’s last few feet on her prosthetics with her sister, Morales was inspired to tackle this iconic race at last.

“There’s not going to be a dry eye,” Morales says. “What’s really gonna get me through is knowing how amazing it’s going to be to be a part of that.”

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The Toughest Interview that Obama had was with Jon Stewart

White House Spokesperson Jay Carney sat down with a group yesterday at George Washington University and talked about being the mouthpiece for the President. 

One of the more interesting things to come out of the talk was Carney talking about the one of the President's tougher interviews.

It didn't come from 60 Minutes, Fox News or NBC. According to Carney, Obama's toughest interview was on Comedy Central's The Daily Show and its host Jon Stewart. 

"I remember we had some discussion during 2012 about well, is it appropriate for the president, the sitting president and candidate, to give interviews with Jon Stewart and others. And the answer was yes, again because the young voters we were trying to reach are more likely to watch The Daily Show than some other news shows. But also, I think if you look back at 2012 and the series of interviews the sitting president of the United States gave, probably the toughest interview he had was with Jon Stewart. Probably the most substantive, challenging interview Barack Obama had in the election year was with the anchor of The Daily Show."

Kind of shows you the sad state of Journalism these days, don't you think?


Reporter Shoots Public Urinators with Water Cannon

Some would say that this Dutch TV Reporter might have gone a bit too far with his "Reporting".

Reporter Daan Nieber used a high-pressure water cannon to thwart public urination.

Many of the public restrooms in the Netherlands charge a fee to use their services, so public urination runs rampant. But Nieber decided to take the law into his own hands and set out to scare the piss out of anyone he caught urinating in public.

Let's go to the video:

Video Shows Man Masturbating to Hot News Anchor

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 2.21.03 PM.png

Some people get a little bit more into watching the news than others.

Then there's this idiot from Brroklyn. 

Cops busted Richard Pagani and charged him with stalking after he wrote on Facebook that he was infatuated WCBS Anchor Diane Macedo.

Macedo, who previously worked at FOX Business, told police Pagani had been harassing her for two years, sending letters to her office and contacting her on social media. He has even tried to visit her at her Manhattan office.

When police went to his house, Pagani was wearing a purple sweatshirt with Macedo’s image emblazoned on it, the complaint said. Cops also found a video of him masturbating to Macedo’s newscast.

He sent her an obscene message through Facebook in March, according to a criminal complaint.

“I’m surprised my cock didn’t fall out of my pants when I saw you on television,” the message read.

The video shows that it actually did. 

Macedo reported the alleged stalking to cops after Pagani approached her while she covered the funeral of NYPD Officer Dennis Guerra in Queens on Monday.

He posted a twisted apology on his Facebook page after the meeting didn’t go as planned:

“I hope you pass out in an ally with a Gatorade an I phone I hope one day you wake up and realize what a fuck up today was stupid brain washed bitch I'll never ever pull my self away from I love you it will make more sense to us one day I know you'll be There your be ok I'll be ok too.”

Pagani has three prior arrests, which are sealed.

Macedo obtained an order of protection against Pagani, who was sent to Rikers Island, records show.

No word if he will be watching the news in Rikers. 

H/T NY Daily News

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