Really CNN?! Are you that Desperate for Bookings?

Obviously as the protests and unrest continues in Ferguson, cable news networks are running out of guests to book.

Here is where CNN went Today:

In case you aren't into the rap culture like I am, this is rapper Killer Mike, who should descrides himself this way on Twitter, "I like My Woman, My Kids, Weed, Polo and Politics. I am a Pan Africanist Gangster Rapper, Civic Leader & Activist. Honor Me."

If that Twitter description sounds familiar, it's the same one used by Wolf Blitzer.

H/T Dorsey Shaw for the pic 

Extreme Stupidity

Check out what the investigative reporter at KWCH-TV in Wichita thought was an appropriate tweet:

Maybe she thought that because she has two Twitter accounts, no one would catch it on her 'personal' one? The only thing that could possibly have made this worse would've been a 'selfie' to go with it.

I know I'm only the lowly intern, but if I was the ND at KWCH, I'd be posting an opening for a new reporter. This one doesn't have any common sense.

Regardless, I'm willing to bet this Twitter account is deleted in 3... 2... 1.

New ND Named in Palm Beach

WPTV Interim News Director Dan Wilson has had the "interim" dropped from his title. Here is now the station's new News Director.

Here is the internal memo that went out to the staff:

To: WPTV Newsroom

From: Lloyd and Steve

Re: News Director                                                                         8/16/14

 After a thorough search both in and out of the Company, I am very pleased to announce that effective immediately, Dan Wilson will be the News Director at WPTV.  

 Please join us in congratulating Dan.  As you know, he has been our interim News Director for this past month, and he really hit the ground running earning respect from all corners of the building.  Dan comes to us from our sister-station in Phoenix, KNXV, where he has spent the last eight years.  He has been it’s Assistant News Director since 2008.  Prior to his tenure at KNXV, Dan held various Producer and News Management positions with KVBC, the NBC affiliate in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

 Dan is a graduate of Brigham Young University.  He is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Dan will be relocating to our area with his wife Kim, and their five children.

CNN Anchor Wants To Use 'Water Cannons' In Ferguson

Almost every day, there's a reason to shake your head. Usually, it's over something a Millennial says or does on-air.  CNN International anchor Rosemary Church takes the cake though by asking why Ferguson police aren't using 'water cannons' against protestors instead of tear gas?

At 51, you'd think she'd know better? Here's a suggestion Rosemary: If you're going to be an anchor in the US, learn some history.

H/T The Daily Caller

Happy 60th Birthday Al Roker

America's lovable Weatherman Al Roker is celebrating his 60th birthday Today. 

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man stopped by the Today Show to give Al some birthday wishes. 

Word is the staff also served cake which was cut by Matt Lauer. No word if he used the same knife to cut the cake that he plunged into Ann Curry's back.

And of course, Kathie Lee and Hoda brought the wine.

Happy Birthday Al!

What Would Happen if the Media Left Ferguson?

It can easily be said that the media are in Ferguson because that's where the news is.

But, what would happen if every member of the media left Ferguson?

I'm betting that the protests and unrest would stop completely. 

Ask yourself, would people come out and march up and down the street if there was no media there to cover them and put their faces on TV? 

No doubt, the media should be in Ferguson to report what is happening, but IS what's happening because the media is there?

I was in the middle of the 1992 LA Riots, where 52 people were killed, over 2,000 injured and hundreds of building were burned to the ground. 

Those riots lasted 6 days.

In Ferguson we're 11 days and counting.

If the media wasn't there, would this still be going on?

I'm on vacation, so I will let you guys ponder that question. 

Chicago Sports Anchor Headed to St. Louis to do News

Rafer Weigel is leaving his Sportscaster job at WLS in Chicago and headed to St. Louis as a News Anchor.

Weigel, who's father Tim was a longtime Sports Anchor at WLS has decided to leave the station and take a News Anchor job at Tribune owned KTVI in St. Louis. 

Calling it “a new exciting direction for my career,” Weigel tweeted: “It’s been a privilege and an honor to follow in my dad’s footsteps and cover the teams I grew up with. This takes my career to another level.”

“Rafer has done a terrific job for us as weekend sports anchor, and I know you will all join me in wishing him the best as he makes this transition back to news,” Jennifer Graves, vice president and news director of ABC 7, told staffers in a memo Tuesday.

Robert Feder points out that despite the spin by his bosses, their willingness to let him out of his contract — and his move from the No. 3 market to No. 21 — suggest a once-rising star was no longer ascending.

If You Work At Turner, Dust Off Your Resume

It's going to get ugly at CNN Center. Turner Broadcasting CEO John Martin says they're preparing the "Turner 2020" Plan.

             "We’ll start 2015 a more streamlined, nimble and efficient company focused on driving programming, monetization and innovation, in a culture that emphasizes and rewards continuous improvement."

Translation? Many of you will lose your job.

The "Turner 2020" Plan sounds a lot like Jeff Zucker's "NBC 2.0" and we all know how that turned out. Just for laughs, let's revisit:

              "Jeff Zucker is a terrific talent and the right person to guide NBC Universal on the         next stage of its growth, The entertainment arm has "real business momentum" and the future for NBCU is bright." Zucker said the company is "well positioned for future growth" and promised to "take NBC Universal to the next level."

He took it to the next level alright. Ask Jay Leno and the affiliates about the 'level' of their prime time during that era?

H/T Capital New York

Couric Says "No" to Today

Katie Couric's 'anticipated' return to TODAY is not going to happen.

NBC suits asked Couric to fill-in for Savannah Guthrie, who's on maternity leave. Couric said she'd agree but only if it lasts weeks, not just a day.

Supposedly, Katie wanted a longer stint on TODAY to help promote her Yahoo role. Oh, you didn't know? Katie is the "Global News Anchor" at Yahoo.

Let me help you out, Katie: More people would see you if you filled-in on CNN's 'New Day' than whatever it is you're doing at Yahoo.

H/T Page Six

Dallas "I'm An A--hole" Anchor, Fired

Aspen Police Photo

Aspen Police Photo

Didn't take long for the suits at CBS to fire AM anchor Brendan Higgins.

As FTVLive told you earlier this week, Higgins was arrested in Aspen, Colorado for being physically and verbally abusive and intoxicated. As he was being handcuffed, police say Higgins announced, "I'm going to beat you until you're dead'.

A spokesperson for KTVT told the Dallas News, "Brendan Higgins is no longer with the station."

Higgins posted this on his Facebook:

              If my email inbox is any indication, many of you are wondering about a recent incident in Aspen, Colo., that resulted in my arrest. Sorry it took so long to issue a post as I’ve been dealing with the related matters. First, I need to apologize for the negative attention this incident has brought to my wife and our family, our friends and the many wonderful people I’ve worked with over the years. I’m also sorry to the authorities in Aspen, who do a great job every day. I simply put myself and others in a bad situation, which will not happen again. My plan is to answer the legal charges against me. Thanks to all of you who have sent your support.

Who's the tough guy now?

H/T Dallas News

Bodybuilder Meteorologist In Miami

Everyone knows it's hot in Miami, but WPLG is taking it to a new level with meteorologist Jennifer Correa. It's her first local TV gig out of Penn State.

Correa worked for AccuWeather before heading down US 1A.  She's also a bodybuilder.

I guess the station figures South Beach is not far away, and she'll fit right in. I wonder if they'll use one of these photos on her bio? Certainly there's nothing left to the imagination.

Bienvenidos a Miami