Not Again?!

They have to be one of the unluckiest news crews in the country.....

The very same KPIX (San Francisco) news crew that was attacked and had a camera stolen during a live broadcast in Oakland in 2012 had they news van broken into again Today.

Today's incident happened late this morning, Reporter Anne Makeover, Photographer Gregg Welk and security guard Jim Macedo were outside the Starbucks coffee shop doing some "man of the street" interviews.

As they were doing the interviews, someone broke into the right front passenger seat of their news van, which was parked nearby, and stole a laptop computer and personal belongings.

A witness saw the burglary and ran over to the crew.

But the ripoff artist was long gone. 


Another One Leaves CNN

CNN Producer Josh Rubin is out the door and taking a new gig at The Daily Dot. 

The Daily Dot bills itself as a comprehensive source for original Internet-community news.

Rubin has more than 15 years of experience in national media and joins the Daily Dot as Executive Producer and Managing Director of Video.

Rubin was formerly lead producer for CNN’s Election Express Bus, traveling more than 100,000 miles to cover everything from presidential campaigns to cultural events like Comic-Con. 

“The Daily Dot aspires to be all the things that modern media isn’t,” says Rubin. “In an age of shrinking newsrooms they’re growing their editorial team. While others focus on listicles and content aggregation the Dot focuses on original reporting. The Internet provides journalists with a window into the beating heart of humanity, so I’m joining The Daily Dot because they cover Internet news with journalistic integrity and explore trends without mindlessly following them.” 

Did CNN Anchor Really Say Fucksticks?

Bill Weir has been M-I-A from CNN's air, but he didn't seem to mind taking some time to take a shot at Fox News.

It started with a tweet from the Fox News blog on Wednesday which stated, “Climate Doesn’t Cooperate With Al Gore’s Group’s Visit to Denver EPA Hearings.”

Fox Nation's tweet was referencing when Al Gore's Climate Reality Project delivered ice cream to an event this week even though it was 58 degrees outside.

"The Climate Reality Project brought its “I’m Too Hot” trucks and offers of free ice cream to this week’s Environmental Protection Agency hearings on power-plant emissions, but the climate wasn’t cooperating," the story read.

That's when Weir decided to correct Fox News with a tweet of his own. 

Weir is right, climate is not weather and weather is not climate, but really Bill?


Boy, TV news has changed. I don't think I could ever see Walter Cronkite tweeting that David Brinkley is a fuckstick. 

We did find the fuckstick in the urban dictionary, you can read the definition here, but you might have to wash out your eyes after you do. 

H/T HuffPo

Popular O-Town Anchor Leaves WESH

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 1.02.43 PM.png

In a shocker to many in Orlando, WESH Anchor Martha Sugalski has left the station after 8 years.

In a memo to the staff, WESH General Manager Jim Carter said he believed Sugalski, 44, had accepted an offer from another station in town, based on a discussion with Sugalski and her agent.

But she can't appear on another station immediately. In a standard practice for the industry, a noncompete clause would keep her off the air for a year.

"I really can't comment on that," said WFTV General Manager Shawn Bartelt. "We don't comment on competitors' talent, contracts. We just don't. She's very talented. We wish her the very best. We know she's going to have a great future."

So yeah....she's totaling going to WFTV.

H/T Orlando Sentinel 

Wilmington News Director is Bounced

Sources tell FTVLive that WWAY News Director Scott Pickey is no longer with the station.

Earlier this month, FTVLive questioned if WWAY Reporter Sara Hopkins wasn't crossing ethical lines with her pimping products and services on social media?

Pickey said he had no problem with Hopkins selling out on social media and said she was doing it on her own time.

FTVLive questioned if that was really the case?

Pickey also made news when he was arrested for driving a station news car across police lines at a Martin Luther King Parade. 

Pickey's bio has been scrubbed from the station's website and staffers tell FTVLive he's gone from the station. 


Journal to Merge with Scripps, Scripps Wins

Here we go again....

E.W. Scripps and Journal Communications announced that the two are merging their broadcast operations. The two will also off and then merge their newspapers, creating two focused and separately traded public companies.

The merged broadcast company will operate under the Scripps name, have about 4,000 employees and continue to be based in Cincinnati.

The newspaper company will be called Journal Media Group.

The deal is expected to close in 2015.

“In one motion, we’re creating an industry-leading local television company and a financially flexible newspaper company with the capacity and vision to help lead the evolution of their respective industries,” said Rich Boehne, chairman, president and CEO of The E.W. Scripps Company, who will continue at the helm of Scripps. 

“This transaction will create two solid media businesses that will continue to serve their communities with a commitment to integrity and excellence that has been built over many years,” said Steven J. Smith, chairman and CEO of Journal Communications. “Journal’s radio and television stations will add depth and breadth to the Scripps TV group and additional expertise to its management team. 

It doesn't take an expert to figure out that Scripps got the better end of this deal. They get to give up their dying newspapers and pick up more TV and radio stations. 

Man Busted for Stalking Robin Roberts

ABC's Good Morning America is the ratings leader and they also seem to be leading in ratings in creeps.

Not long ago, some idiot was arrested after he said he wanted to stab GMA's Michael Strahan.

Now, cops have busted another guy that they say was stalking Robin Roberts. 

The punk was arrested after he threatened to slug Robert's in the face, court records show. 

Page Six says that security called cops after Troy Warren, 43, showed up outside ABC’s Time Square studios at least eight times and threatened her.

He made the creepy visits to the 1500 Broadway location while Roberts was inside the studio between June 10 and June 24, according to the criminal complaint. 

He asked to see Roberts several times despite being asked to leave.

“When I see her I’m going to punch her in the face,” the loon told Michael Centrella the security director of “Good Morning America” at 8 am June 24th. “

“Due to the defendant’s above described conduct Ms Robin Roberts fears for her physical safety and well-being,” records show. 

Warren was arraigned Wednesday in Manhattan Criminal Court on misdemeanor stalking and harassment raps. 

A judge set bail at $3,000. He has two sealed priors, cops said.

Gone in Portland

Viewers of KOIN in Portland have been wondering where popular Anchor Kelley Day has been?

She hadn't been seen on air and her bio has been scrubbed from the station's website.

Sources tell FTVLive that new owners Media General, decided not to renew Day's contract and have kicked her to the curb. 

The station has quietly replaced Day with Jennifer Hoff.

Viewers have been kept in the dark about the moves....because you know, the communications business. 

Milwaukee Anchor Headed to Portland

Speaking of KOIN in Portland....

The station has hired WITI (Milwaukee) Anchor Anne State as the station's mew 11PM Anchor. 

State signed off from WITI yesterday and is packing her bags for the left coast. 

"It's bittersweet," said State, "I owe a great debt of gratitude, everyone was so unbelievably warm and welcoming. I felt so much at home here," she said.

The move allows State to be closer to home, where her sister is, "a great caretaker," for her parents. Now, she will be around to help a bit more.


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