The FTVLive TV News Black Friday Drinking Game

FTVLive is not, nor have we even been much of a drinker, but that doesn't mean we aren't looking out for those of you that like to raise the bottle.

So, we are offering the "FTVLive TV News Black Friday Drinking Game."

If you follow the game rules on Black Friday, you should be fully smashed before the end of the morning newscast and fully comatose by the end of the evening news.

So let's play:

-Anytime you see the doors open at a Walmart and the mob rushes in, drink half a beer.

-Every shot of a cash register ringing up a sale, take a sip of your favorite beverage. 

-If you see video of either a child or old person sleeping at the mall, drink a beer.

-When you see the story that tells you not to leave shopping bags in plain sight in your car, take a shot.

-Anytime a Reporter asks, "are you going to spend more or less money than last year?" Down a beer.

-When you see the video of the person carrying like 8 shopping bags, take a shot.

-Every time you see Santa, take a sip. 

-A shot of a credit car being swiped....drink a beer.

-Every time an Anchor or Reporter says "Shop till you drop," take a shot and throw a brick through your TV.

Game over!


Fired Handstand Reporter Settles with Providence Station

Julie Tremmel, the Reporter that embarrassed  WJAR with her antics time and time again until she was finally fired, has reached a settlement with the station. 

Tremmel was finally sacked back in February after doing handstands for a report on “America’s Got Talent” coming to Rhode Island. 

The former Reporter reached an out-of-court settlement in a suit challenging her dismissal.

The Providence Journal says that WJAR Vice President and General Manager Vic Vetters could not be reached for comment, but Tremmel posted an image of a letter on her Facebook page showing WJAR stationery with what appeared to be the GM's signature and saying that  that said Ms. Tremmel is free to seek employment without restriction.

“The station wishes Ms. Tremel the best of luck going forward,” it concluded.

Tremmel’s post did not disclose any terms of the settlement, which she called “a positive resolution to the unexpected nightmare.”

Tremmel's other gems, were a  report on possible bear attacks, where she acted as if one were near, and threw her shoe at the camera, became an Internet sensation.

ABC Lands Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson

FTVLive told you that Ferguson Police Officer was auditioning network anchors as he decided who he would sit down with and talk to.

As we told you on Monday, Wilson met with Matt Lauer, George Stephanopoulos, Scott Pelley, Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon.

The winner of dancing with Darren was ABC's Stephanopoulos.

The ABC Anchor flew to Ferguson and sat down with Wilson for about 90 minutes. His interview first aired on World News Tonight and more will be shown on this morning's GMA. In fact, expect to see show much of Wilson on ABC's air, you might have thought he has been hired as a new anchor. 

ON WNT, Wilson went step by step with Stephanopoulos about the day he shot Michael Brown. While most of what he said had already been reported on the Grand Jury transcripts, it was interesting that Wilson did not appear to make eye contact with Stephanopoulos as he told his story. 

There was no doubt that Stephanopoulos landed the interview that everyone was hoping to get.

As Protests Hit Portland, One Station Stands Out

The Michael Brown protests have spread across the country from coast to coast.

An example, last night in Portland, what started as a  peaceful, turned a different direction after a few hundred protesters broke off from the planned route and clashed with police.

It was just after 6:30 when the protests starting turning ugly and while the other station's in town left their news coverage and went with programing, KGW stayed with the story.

KGW provided outstanding live coverage.

The station's coverage was on point, not offensive or inflammatory and seemed to have live cameras everywhere.

While the other stations were showing Entertainment Tonight, Family Freud and Jeopardy.

KGW was showing major bridges and freeway closings and blocked. 

The station showed they did have the coverage you can count on. 

Why and How?

While no one watched MSNBC, the network's lead Anchor Al Sharpton has been doing his best to get his face all over the other networks during their coverage from Ferguson.

Sharpton's antics in Ferguson is once again casting a huge embarrassing light on MSNBC as a network. 

How MSNBC boss Phil Griffin still has a job is beyond us. 

Also, can someone please tell Al, that he can't count viewers of other networks in his ratings.

CNN's Don Lemon's Sour Coverage in Ferguson

It seems like a very old story by now, but once again CNN's Don Lemon is under fire for his awful reporting skills and actions while covering the unrest in Ferguson. 

The NY Daily News writes that as Ferguson erupted into anger, bullets and flames Monday night, Lemon ham-handedly drew tear gas into his own gas mask, whined for water and a device to contact his producers, and then made a culturally insensitive comment about protesters smoking pot.

Tuesday Lemon was further blasted by critics online for imitating the “St. Louis accent” and for retreating to a “safe room” while other CNN reporters stayed out on the scene.

The violence was at a full pitch when CNN's Chris Cuomo tried to turn the broadcast over to Lemon who was wearing a gas mask on his forehead. Lemon then trapped gas in his own mask, began coughing and asked for water. Moments later, Cuomo tried Lemon again, but this time the anchor heard on air saying, "I need IFB (a device to communicate with producers). Someone make a phone call."

Lemon was blasted for his on air behavior on Twitter - most specifically his observation that protesters smelled like marijuana — but also for his general incompetence.

"Fuck CNN" Seems to be a Popular Theme in Ferguson

CNN has had trouble with many people protesting the events in Ferguson yelling "Fuck CNN" live on the air.

We love the fact that CNN's Anderson Cooper hears the people yelling "Fuck CNN" says, "Seems like  people are now playing for the camera...."

And believe us, no one knows more about playing for the camera, than Anderson.

Just saying....

Let's go to the video: