Chicago TV Website to Go Behind Paywall

Chicago TV Critic Robert Feder posted the news this morning that his website which covers Chicago media will soon be going behind a paywall.

Feder writes: I launched under a unique licensing agreement with Chicago Tribune Media Group. I am solely and independently responsible for all editorial content posted here, while Tribune controls the marketing, advertising and technical elements. Thanks to a steadily growing daily readership, the arrangement has exceeded everyone’s expectations.

It "exceeded" them so much, that now you will have to pay to read it.

Feder says that starting October 7,  his site will be rolled in as part of the "digitalPLUS" portion of the Chicago Tribune's website.

As for FTVLive?

Thanks to the most awesome sponsors in the world and some generous people out there that donate some dollars our will remain free and not tucked behind some paywall.

Been there....done that. 

Bill Moyers says he's Quitting his TV Show for Real this Time

Bill Moyers says he is stopping production of his TV show and this time he means it.

Moyers has threaten to quit before, but somehow he raises enough money to do another year. This tim he says he's done.

He posted this message to his website:

Dear Viewers:

The third and final year of Moyers & Company comes to an end on January 2 and I am writing to assure you that this time it’s the real deal. You may recall that we had originally raised the funds in 2011 for a two-year series but when I announced last fall that the end was near, thousands of you wrote imploring us to reconsider. My long-time funders came forward with a renewed commitment to a third year of support. How could I say no?

But as the end of the third year approaches it’s time finally to sign off.

I do so as the luckiest fellow in broadcast journalism for having been a part of public television for over half of my 80 years. I never expected such a full and satisfying run at work I could love so much, and I am deeply indebted to everyone with whom I have been associated on this long and rewarding journey.

As President Lyndon Johnson’s domestic policy assistant I was “present at the creation” when we held the first meeting at the Office of Education to discuss the potential of “educational television.” The Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 became law the year I left the White House to return to journalism. I believe in our mission as strongly as ever, and if you want to be reminded of the importance of what public television does, watch the statement President Johnson made when he signed the Act.

With every best wish to each of you,

Bill Moyers

The Weather Channel Needs Your Help Naming Winter Storms

You may recall that The Weather Channel came up with the marketing ploy of naming winter storms. 

Our favorite name that they came up with, was when then named one storm "Anus", which is also Jim Cantore's nickname around the office.

Now, the gang at The Weather Channel wants to take a stunt a bit further and are asking viewers to help name this year's storm that will begin with "W".

 Here's a good word that begins with a "W" about "Weather"? That something you rarely see on the network anymore, but maybe call in "Weather" just for old time sake.

Just a thought. 

You Can't Embargo Ebola

You would think that when a confirmed case of ebola is found to be in the U.S., it is news that you would want to get out as fast as possible.

But, the CDC tried to put an embargo on the news and hold off telling the public about it, until they wanted to. 

It didn't work and a number of news organizations broke the embargo (good for them) and reported the news that the U.S. citizens needed to know, ebola is in fact in the United States. 

The fact that news organizations realized that getting this very important news out to the public as quickly as possible, did not seem to sit well with NBC's Luke Russert:

Sorry Luke, you can embargo stories like when U2 is going to start their next tour, but you can't embargo ebola.

Just saying.... 

No! You Really Said that?!

CNN Anchor John Berman had a very bad choice of words, three times in the same sentence!

Berman was reporting the Oklahoma beheading story when he used the phrase “any way you slice it” three times in a row.

You make the mistake once, ok, but to do it again and again? What the hell is this guy thinking?

Here's the video:

After getting lit up on social media, Berman did apologize on Twitter users for using the unfortunate phrase, but did not explain why he kept using. 

CNN's Parts Unknown Falls in Ratings


It is not a good start for the news season of CNN's "Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown".

In its season debut, the show fell double digits in the ratings compared to its fall debut last September. 

The opening episode clocked 538,000 viewers – down 21% compared to last September’s 681,000.

In the news demo, the show dropped 10%, to 219,000 from 242,000 viewers.

Bourdain’s show beat Fox News Channel’s Justice with Judge Jeanine in the news demo (135,000) but finished behind the judge (791,000) in overall audience.

H/T Deadline

Orlando Station: We Were Wrong

Give credit to WFTV in Orlando for admitting they screwed up.

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that the had hired Casey Anthony Judge Belvin Perry to offering analysis and make commentaries. During a report, Perry ripped into a commercial against the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida. 

After Perry offered his sharp comments, WFTV didn’t note that Perry now works for the Morgan & Morgan law firm. Attorney John Morgan is the chief proponent of the Amendment.

The station now says that was a mistake. 

"The fact that he [Perry] works for Morgan & Morgan should have been disclosed, no question about that," WFTV news director Matt Parcell told the Orlando Sentinel. "It didn't cross anyone's mind. We looked at him as the judge."

Perry is known widely as the former chief judge of Orange and Osceola counties. Parcell said his staffers didn't remember that Perry works for Morgan & Morgan.

"We hired him for his brilliant legal mind," Parcell said. "The Morgan connection is irrelevant to why I'd want him to be part of our team. But we have to remember it and acknowledge it."

WFTV will handle that connection differently next time, Parcell promised.

Boom Goes the Dynamite

To get ready for the baseball playoffs, the gang at TBS paid homage to the greatest sportscaster of all time...the "Boom Goes the Dynamite" kid.

The TBS crew of Ron Darling, Cal Ripken, Gary Sheffield and Pedro Martinez (who gets to deliver the famous line do their best to be like the kid. But, nothing beats the original.

Here is the video, first the original:

And then the TBS guys:

World News Tonight on Top of the Demo

ABC's World News Tonight with David Muir started off the Fall TV season with a win in the demo.

In a press release ABC touts that WNT ranked No. 1 among Adults 25-54 during September 2014 (2.085 million) for the first time in 7 years (since September 2007).

“World News Tonight” grew the most (+10%) from September 2013 compared to “NBC Nightly News” (-4%) and “CBS Evening News” (+8%).

The ABC broadcast saw its best Adults 25-54 performance for the month in 6 years – since September 2008.