Denver Station Takes Wraps off New Set

This week, KMGH (Denver) said goodbye to the traditional anchor desk and unveiled what they are calling the new television news set of the future.  

The dynamic new set provides a platform in which 7NEWS can present the news in a more immediate and efficient way.  It offers a spontaneous environment and state-of-the-art equipment that will provide Colorado with a more interactive and information-driven newscast.  With the anchors surrounded by technology, viewers can expect a more seamless newscast as anchors are able to easily provide active updates with multiple touch screens, video walls and ready access to the internet.  

 “This set was built for our viewers – a groundbreaking, video-driven, working set that will allow our anchors and reporters to provide viewers and the community a clearer, bolder and more compelling newscast.  It’s fantastic,” said 7NEWS news director, Jeff Harris.  

"The debut of this groundbreaking set is consistent with the proven track record of innovation and forward thinking of 7NEWS in the Denver market.  Several video presentation areas are integrated into this dazzling set that allows reporters and anchors unique ways to present their stories.  The varied presentation opportunities help energize the talent and challenge the producers to tell more in-depth stories,” said Dan Devlin, owner and chief creative strategist at Devlin Design Group.

This is the first time KMGH has done a complete overhaul of the set in 15 years.

ABC Weather Anchor to Leave the Comedy to Kimmel

Marciano was trying to make a joke replay to a retweet that said, "since when has rob been horning in on the weather? Thought he was at ET."

Marciano then tweeted about his "horny" tweet, calling it a tweet fail and adding:

For what it's worth Rob, we thought it was funny. 

NBC Finishes Year as Top Network

NBC did something they haven't done since 2004, the Peacock celebrated its first primetime victory in the 18-49 demo for a full television year in a decade.

NBC which had won the September-May broadcast season in the demo, clinched its 52-week crown with a strong summer. Led by “America’s Got Talent,” the rising “American Ninja Warrior” and rookie scripted success “The Night Shift,” NBC won in adults 18-49 to make it four straight summers on top.

According to Nielsen estimates through Sunday (51 of 52 weeks in the full 2013-14 television season), NBC leads in adults 18-49 with a 2.4 rating — up 14% from the previous season. It is followed by Fox (2.1), CBS (2.0) and ABC (1.9).

NBC benefited from 18 nights of Winter Olympics coverage, but even with the Sochi Games removed from its average, it still finished ahead of Super Bowl-boosted Fox (2.2 to 2.1).

In total viewers, NBC averaged 8.27 million and was up by 25% over 2012-13 — the biggest year-over-year improvement delivered by any Big Four network in the last 25 years — to place second to CBS (9.27 million).

Now that the new TV season is kicking off, it will be interesting to see if NBC can hold on to the crown. 

H/T Variety

Denver Anchor Hired to Teach Newspaper People TV

Former KCNC Anchor Molly Hughes is being hired by the Denver Post to teach newspaper people TV. 

Hughes has been hired as the Director of Denver Post TV. The appointment is being made at a time when “video has become a major platform for us, both in reader engagement and revenue,” Denver Post Editor Greg Moore announced Monday.

The goal for the Post, is basically, if you can't beat them, join them. The newspaper wants to double their video production and turn DPTV into a major vehicle for content delivery.

Hughes will face one of the toughest challenge in journalism: “helping newspaper folks improve their on-air presence.” She joins the staff in late September, and will eventually anchor a number of daily news shows, help build weekly shows with input from every department and work with reporters and editors on breaking news.

H/T Denver Post

Is it a Ceasefire for CNN's Crossfire?

When CNN said they were looking to bring back political show 'Crossfire,' FTVLive wrote, "if the show was so good...why did it get canceled in the first place?"

FTVLive predicted that Crossfire would not last long before the plug was pulled once again. 

It appears it has or is very close to happening.  A publicist from CNN describes it like this: “The program is on extended hiatus.”

We'll let you be the judge of what exactly that means?

Fox News doesn't Renew Howie Kurtz's Girlfriend's Contract

Huge props to Fox News as they have decided not to renew the contract of Howard Kurtz's girlfriend Lauren Ashburn.

FTVLive has been bewildered as to why a guy as smart as Roger Ailes would allow either Kurtz or Ashburn to waste the time of Fox's air?

Now, FNC has wised up and dumped Ashburn.

One down, one to go.

But, at least their moving in the right direction. 

Playing in Traffic

WKBW in Buffalo is blowing up their morning for the....God knows how times....

The station says it will launch their latest morning newscast around the end of the month.

WKBW's morning newscast has been in the ratings basement for years and the station is once again ready to reboot.

“We are looking to create a different type of morning program that is heavily centric on weather and traffic and extensive live elements,” said WKBW GM Michael Nurse.

Traffic really?

You mean for all those commuters that are watching TV in their cars?

Residents Blame Media for Making Ferguson Worse

Not sure why someone needed a survey to figure this out....

A poll of residents in St. Louis County show that they blame the media for making things in Ferguson worse.

Both black and whites say the media did a lousy job handing the story, but whites were much more critical of the media.

The Remington Research Group found:

Nearly 75 percent of all respondents told pollsters the media contributed to making the situation in Ferguson worse.

Of those criticizing the media coverage in Ferguson, 50 percent were African-American and 81 percent were white.

Only 12% of whites thought the media made things better in Ferguson.


H/T HuffPo

Anchor Quits After Station's Low-Ball Offer

WNCN (Raleigh) moved  Sharon Tazewell into all three main evening co-anchor positions that were previously occupied by  Pam Saulsby (7 p.m. and 11 p.m.), who was fired in August, and Melanie Sanders (6 p.m.).

Sanders decided after the demotion, she was taking her ball and going home. Sanders claimed she was offered all three anchor spots, but it was a low-ball offer and she turned it down.  

She wrote this on her Facebook page:

“So many wonderful memories! After 11 years at WNCN, this Friday I will say goodbye. I will forever be grateful for the lifelong friends I have made here and the amazing experiences. Covering the Stanley Cup Championship, allowing Howard Stern to humiliate me by making me sing ‘Row Row Row Your Boat,’ and just the day to day newsroom chatter...I will cherish it all. But when I was offered a contract to anchor the three evening newscasts, I decided the terms were not attractive enough for me to be away from my family every evening. So I’m looking forward to the next exciting chapter in my life. I’ll keep you posted.”

She signs off on Friday. 

H/T News and Observer 

Raleigh Anchor Moves to Part Time Reporter

WRAL Anchor Sloane Heffernan says she decided to leave the anchor desk because of her family. 

Heffernan was working as the Weekend Morning Anchor and said that it was too much.

"After months of deliberations, I had finally gathered up the nerve to talk to my boss about changing my shift", she writes on the station's website. 

She added "The early morning hours and working weekends for four years had taken a toll on me and my family. When I was offered the job, I was so excited for the opportunity that I didn't dare tell anyone that I am not a morning person. I did the best I could, but the limited sleep always caught up with me, and my family would pay the price. I'd be the first to admit that I am not very "pleasant" when I am tired."

She says that she will now be working as a part-time Reporter at the station. 

"My ship has sailed away from the anchor desk at WRAL, but I know what's waiting on the horizon happens just once in a lifetime," she writes. 

NLRB Rules Against CNN

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) reaffirmed a 2008 decision against CNN America Inc., concluding that its move to sever ties with hundreds of unionized contract workers in 2003 at the New York and Washington bureaus and replace them with non-unionized CNN staffers violated their rights.

“These workers have waited far too long for this measure of justice to finally be delivered and have suffered far too much as the result of these unlawful activities,” said Jim Joyce, president of the National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians-Communications Workers of America (NABET-CWA) in a news release. “CNN should finally do the right thing now and immediately comply with the orders of the National Labor Relations Board issued today.”

The Washington Post says that those orders are rather extensive. Not only did the NLRB order that CNN cease and desist from all manner of anti-union activities, but it demands that it “offer employment” to more than 100 former contract employees or “if those jobs no longer exist, to substantially equivalent positions, without prejudice to their seniority or any other rights or privileges.” Further, it orders CNN to “make whole” the entire class of affected workers — more than 300 people altogether, according to NABET-CWA — “for any loss of earnings and other benefits suffered as a result of the Respondent’s unlawful discharge of them.”

CNN and other units of Turner Broadcasting are currently undergoing cost-cutting measures and buyouts.