Former Orlando Anchor is Back in Cancer Fight

Former WESH Anchor Wendy Chioji is one of the strongest most inspiring people on the planet.

Wendy has the ability to find good news in some of the worst news you can imagine.

Chioji has looked cancer straight in the eye and kicked it's ass. When the cancer returned, Wendy just took it on like a heavyweight champ going into the next round.

Yesterday, Wendy took to her blog and broke the sad news that cancer has once again returned and this time it does not look good. She's hoping that she can get into a clinical trial called PD-1 or PD-L1 and save her life. 

Chioji writes: Three weeks ago, everything was fine. Today, I’m looking for a Hail Mary pass. I’d say this is a fairly  graphic illustration of the fact that you have to live EVERY day like it could be your last. Luckily, I’ve been doing that for a while. And I feel pretty good… no REALLY good, that I’ll get into a trial for a drug that will extend my life AND let me keep my hair.

I have been a huge advocate of clinical trials for more than a decade. Now, I’m hoping it’ll be a clinical trial that saves my life. Not to be morbid, but at this point, it looks like that’s all that will. I am filled with optimism. And as you know, attitude is everything. Livestrong.

God bless Wendy! 

Pushed Out in Miami

A couple of weeks ago, FTVLive told you that WPLG he demoted Morning Anchor Jen Herrera back to a Reporter. 

Now it appears that Herrera is getting pushed out the door. Word is after 11 years at the station, her contract is not being renewed. 

It seems to be the pattern for WPLG. Herrera’s former co-anchor partner Jason Martinez left the station the same way. First they moved him from the morning desk to Reporter then eventually out the door. 


CBS Sports to Launch All Female Sports Show

Guys, if you think the subjects on 'The View' are more geared to the ladies, we have some good news for you.

CBS Sports confirmed the news that had been leaking out for the past couple of months: An all-female show featuring Lesley Visser, Tracy Wolfson, Allie LaForce and Amy Trask will be debuting on this fall on CBS Sports Network.

The show, “We Need To Talk”, will be a hour-long round-table discussion between a rotating cast of contributors and the four featured women. The long list of contributors mentioned in an announcement from CBS includes swimmer Dara Torres, former WNBA player Lisa Leslie, Laila Ali, Andrea Kremer and more.

“I’ve lived quite a bit of firsts in my career, so I know when someone is taking a chance,” Visser said. “And CBS is doing that.”

I'm not sure the show will be successful, but it is sure to be better than Rosie and Whoopi talking about the Kardashians.

Just saying.... 

H/T USA Today

Did CNN Get Pranked on Shooting Audio?

In a TV news world of put on the air first and verify it later, CNN may have taken another shot (pardon the pun) to their already shaky reputation.

At least two law enforcement experts who expressed strong doubts about the authenticity of a purported audiotape of the shooting Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.

Even CNN's own law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes said, “When I heard this yesterday, I thought the exact same thing — it’s a hoax.”

CNN did not do much to try and verify the authenticity before Don Lemon broadcast the audio on CNN with the "breaking news" and "exclusive" banner proudly displayed. 

This isn't the first time CNN has rushed something to air before vetting the information. John King spent a large chuck of time talking about an arrest made in the Boston Marathon Bombing case that never happened. 

This could end of being another black-eye to a network that doesn't need anymore negative press.

H/T Washington Post

That Didn't Take Long - Jax GM is Already Replaced (Update)

Yesterday, FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that WTLV/WJXX GM Eric Land was out at the Gannett station.

Well, before they could even change the toilet paper in the executive bathroom, Land's replacement has already been named. 

Senior Vice President-News for Gannett Rob Mennie is taking over the GM gig at First Coast News. 

Mennie was bumped up to the Senior VP spot at the start of the year and now he's making the move to GM in Jacksonville.

Update: WXIA News Director Ellen Crooke is replacing Mennie at Gannett.

Member of COPS TV Show Shot While Working on the Show (Updated)

A crew member working for the TV show COPS was shot while shadowing an Omaha police officer. 

Omaha Deputy Police Chief Dave Baker said an officer saw a man robbing the Wendy's restaurant near 43rd and Dodge around 9:20 p.m. and called for backup. The suspect held a clerk at gunpoint and demanded cash before walking outside to find police waiting. During the confrontation, shots were exchanged and the suspect was wounded. He was taken to the Nebraska Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. His name has not been released.

“The suspect in the armed robbery has since been declared deceased at the hospital,” said Deputy Chief Baker. “The other person transported to the hospital at that time was a member of the COPS television program."

The crew member, whose name has not been released is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

Update: The crew member has been identified as Bryce Dion an Audio Tech. Sadly he has died. 


Hold That Call

Former WCBS (NY) Anchor Rob Morrison is headed to trial after he serial-dialed his estranged wife more than 120 times in one weekend.

Page Six says that while relaxing the protective order that Morrison’s wife, Ashley, a former “Moneywatch’’ anchor, has against the, a Connecticut judge says that Morrison will still have to stand trial over the alleged phone harassment.

Morrison claims that all the calls over Memorial Day weekend only to try to talk to their young son, in accordance with their custody agreement.

The couple’s marriage first imploded in February 2013, when Morrison allegedly choked Ashley and threatened to kill her. The charges were later dropped.

Morrison declined to comment after court.

He is next scheduled to appear before the judge on Sept. 14th

120 calls in one weekend? I hope he and the ex are on the friends and family plan.

Just saying..... 

Now You've Gone and Pissed Off Tom Brokaw

It's likely you won't see NBC News president Deborah Turness and Tom Brokaw hanging out anytime soon.

In a NY Times interview, Turness took a shot at the former regime at 30 Rock, saying, “NBC News hadn’t kept up with the times in all sorts of ways, for maybe 15 years . . . I think the organization had gone to sleep.”

Needless to say Tom Brokaw, former NBC News President Steve Capus  and Jeff Zucker were not to happy with her comments. 

Word is that Turness said she was sorry for her remarks, even if they may have been true.  

Page Six writes that one network insider fumed, “Turness is making enemies. Her ‘asleep’ comment is incredibly disrespectful to many of NBC’s top journalists, especially Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams, and her predecessors Steve Capus, Andy Lack, Neal Shapiro and Jeff Zucker.”

The source added, “It’s astonishing that she seems to have discounted 15 years of robust success before she arrived. Even Brian and Matt Lauer, who were forced to heap praise on Turness in the story, are privately concerned about the direction NBC News might take. There is talk of layoffs. This notion she is swooping in from England to save a snoozing news organization is simply wrong.”

New York Anchor Leaving

Word is that WNBC Anchor Tom Llamas is leaving the Peacock. His last day is Friday.

Tuned In reports that News Director Susan Sullivan broke the news to the staff in an email.  t

When Llamas was hired at the NBC O&O, he quickly moved up from Reporter to the Anchor desk and was also part of the station's I-Team.

In June of 2013, Llamas was taken off the noon anchoring slot to concentrate on the I-Team reports. He has maintained the 5 p.m. broadcast with Shiba Russell.

No word on where Llamas’ is headed next. 

Stay tuned....