Connecticut Weatherman Signs Off

After 25 years at News 12 Connecticut, Weather Anchor Paul Piorek signed off this morning.

Piorek joined the station in 1989 and began his weather career in 1986 as assistant at the Western Connecticut State University weather center in Danbury.

He provided on-air weather forecasts for a number of local and national commercial radio stations. That led to his position at News 12 Connecticut three years later. In addition.

He posted this to his Facebook page this morning:

Houston Weather Anchor is LA Bound

KPRC Anthony Yanez is headed out of Houtson for LA LA land.

The longtime Houston morning meteorologist is becoming the noon and 5pm meteorologist at KNBC in Los Angeles. 

Yanez will stay at KPRC until early next year, before heading off to the NBC O&O. 

"It's bitter sweet, all my kids were born here in Houston," Yanez told "But you get this opportunity and grab it."

Before Houston, Yanez worked for KRQE 13/KASA FOX 2 Albuquerque, NM where he is originally from.

Like We Said....

Back on October 3rd, FTVLive reported that WFLD (Chicago) Sports Anchor Dionne Miller has left the station and was headed across the street to WLS. 

We wrote. "The ABC O&O is not commenting, nor is her agent Matthew Kingsley, but our Chicago source says it's a done deal."

Well, the ABC O&O made it official yesterday, they confirmed that Miller is indeed going to be the Weekend Sports Anchor at the station. 

She is the first female to work on the WLS’s sports staff.

This is CNN....

While cable news is doing their best to panic the viewers with ebola stories, the CNN anchors seem to be getting a good laugh from the ebola story.

CNN senior producer John Griffin tweeted out a photo of New Day Anchors Chris Cuomo, Michaela Pereira, and Alisyn Camerota having a good laugh at the Ebola story. And really...what's more fun than ebola.

Not long after the picture was posted, it was then deleted.

It seems not everyone thought the joke was that funny.

Imagine that. 

H/T Inside Cable News

Hartford Station Makes History While Introducing New Anchor

WFSB in Hartford introduced their new news anchor and they just might have made history in doing so. 

Former Cleveland Anchor Mark Zinni anchored his first newscast for WSFB,  joining Denise D'Ascenzo on the 5:30PM newscast.

The station did an introductory story, welcoming Zinni to the station.

In the package, they talk about Zinni's work with charities and his love for animals. They also talk about Zinni moving to Hartford with his partner.

Yes, the station included the fact that Zinni is gay. Now, Zinni is by far and away not the only gay news anchor, but this maybe the first time that a station has ever mentioned the fact on air.

There are a number of openly gay News Anchors working across the country, but has a station ever made mention on the fact in a promo?

WFSB did not make a big deal about it in their story, is was mentioned in the same way they might say a new anchor has moved here with his wife.

But, we have to give WFSB props for stepping up and be straight up with viewers in regards their new anchor.

Here is what aired on the newscast:  

Nancy Synderman Wanted Posters Go Up in New Jersey

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 1.46.03 PM.png

Wanted posters are going up in NBC's Dr. Nancy Snyderman's hometown. 

Snyderman made news when she broke her voluntary quarantine by going out to a local restaurant. The New Jersey Health Department then ordered Synderman and her crew that accompanied her to Liberia to a mandatory quarantine.

At least one resident wants to make sure that NBC's Dr. does not leave her house. 


The blurred portion of the image contains Snyderman's address and the names of her children.

H/T Gawker 

Columbus Station Trolling Facebook for Ebola Stories

WSYX in Columbus wants to add to the ebola fear and they are hoping that Facebook can help them out.

The station reached out on the social media site hoping find someone that was on the flight with Dallas nurse Amber Vinson.

The best part of the Facebook post are the comments. It seems many viewers have already grown tired of the media scare tactics surrounding their ebola smotherage.

Seattle News Director Headed to Denver

KOMO News Director Holly Gauntt is leaving the station and headed to Denver. 

Gauntt will be the Vice President of News & Digital for KDVR/KWGN. Gauntt tells the KOMO staff in a memo that she wasn't looking for a new job and that the Denver gig "presented itself" (don't you love when that happens?).

She will stay at the Seattle station through the November book, before heading to Denver.

Here is the internal memo sent to the KOMO staff and obtained by FTVLive:

From: Holly Gauntt
Date: October 15, 2014 at 3:02:38 PM PDT
To: &Seattle-KOMO-News-All
Subject: Family

HI all,

We’ve all heard people say that when it’s all said and done they’ll want to be remembered for the kind of person they were and for the love they showed their family and friends. I have reached a crossroads in my life in which I need to choose family and home. So it is with a heavy heart that I leave KOMO and Seattle and return to my hometown of Denver. I wasn’t looking for a job but a fantastic one presented itself. I have accepted the position of Vice President of News & Digital for KDVR/KWGN in Denver. It’s a great station with a fantastic GM and staff.  While I’m sad to be leaving KOMO, I am excited about joining such a great operation.

We’ve been through so much in the last 8 years at KOMO. Ups and downs and way too much loss. But we’ve always weathered the storm together with great grace, compassion and professionalism.  Working at KOMO has been the best professional experience of my 31 year career. You have no idea how much I will miss you, the people here in every single department. I’ve said it many times since I’ve been here, it’s been like Camelot.  

Sinclair has been extremely supportive of me over the past year and I am very, very grateful. They understand the need to make family and home a priority. Also, keep in mind that they’ve given us a lot at KOMO and will continue to. Scott and his team will do everything in their power to support KOMO and help the station grow. They really like us guys!  

We’ve been hitting on all cylinders and making great strides. All of the departments work so well together. I know that will continue long after I leave.

It’s in the DNA here. As you all know, Janene has spent her professional career at KOMO. She knows the kind of News Director that’s needed for this newsroom and you know she’ll make a great choice. Scott knows a lot of great news people in the business and will partner with Janene to find the perfect fit.  

I will stay at KOMO through the November book and leave soon after it’s over. In the interim, Sarah will take charge of the newsroom and I will start handing over the reigns.  We still have a very important book to get through so lets bring our “A” game and do what we’ve done a few times recently, end a major book #1 in all newscasts!

One final thought… my allegiance to my hometown team is a surprise to no one at KOMO!!! It never waivered, even in the face of adversity!


It seems like the consultants at Gannett have been busy trying to get the #SupportTheScrubs hashtag trending on Twitter.

Talent from Gannett stations all over the country have been tweeting pictures of THEMSELVES (because, they may support the nurses, by really, It's all about them) holding up signs that say #SupportTheScrubs the scrubs. 

The message is that the TV talent is supporting the healthcare nurses around the country. 

Some would argue that it is a dangerous slope when you start showing your outward support for a job industry. Like what about the nurse that's in news for killing patients and then taking selfies with their dead bodies?

Do you #SupportThatScrub?

Just asking.... 

Seriously..... Just Stop

There are 316 million people in the United States.

Currently, 3 of that 316 million people have ebola. I'll let you figure out what percentage that is?

Yet, news divisions around the country are seeing ebola as the next big ratings grabber and have hooked onto the story.

The Gannett station in Jacksonville is blowing out programing and running an ebola special. Never mind the fact that the closest case of ebola is in a quarantined hospital room in Atlanta.

NBC Nightly News first 4 stories last night were ebola, ebola, ebola, ebola. 

More Americans have died from being bitten to death by a camel than ebola. 

The media seems to be covering every person that shows up at the local hospital with a fever, as a possible case of ebola.

Morning news meetings are all about how we can localize the ebola story?

The hype is out of control and the media is scaring the crap out of people that have no reason to be scared. Because of all the panic reports, the airline industry is getting hit hard, the stock market is tanking and the media seems happy to make it all happen. 

The politicians are using the ebola scare to try and drum up votes and they are talking to any camera pointed in their direction. Sadly, the media is only too happy to oblige these idiots.

There is one person in the United States is very happy to see the ebola panic stories.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The media has totally left the NFL domestic violence story and has latched onto the ebola story like a linebacker sacking a quarterback. 

Goodell is all but getting a free pass from the media as it has abandoned the domestic violence story for the flavor of the month. By the way, a hell of a lot more people have died from domestic violence, than ebola. 

I will say it again, 3 people in the United Staes out of 316 million have ebola. Seriously, please stop with the scare stories.

The short term ratings bump is not worth the long term credibility hit you guys are going to take.

Just saying... 

CNN Offering Counseling to those Pink Slipped

CNN continues to gut itself with layoffs and show cancelations, but the company is trying to soften the blow for those bounced. 

Those that got pink slipped received a message offering “an experienced counselor” who will be on hand to offer confidential services. 

Almost 30 people alone are getting kicked to the curb at CNN's DC bureau.

More cuts are expected today.

CNN's PR people are not commenting on the cuts, because you know, the communications business.