Goodbye Atlanta, Hello Big Apple

CNN Anchor Carol Costello is working her last day at CNN's Atlanta Headquarters. 

As FTVLive FIRST told you, Costello along with other CNN Atlanta talent is being moved to CNN's New York offices.

While Costello is headed to the Big Apple, her staff will stay behind in Atlanta. It seems like a strange arrangement and Costello said so much in a post on Facebook.

She posted, "My last day in Atlanta is today. I am headed for the NY Bureau. My team will stay in Atlanta. It will be the ultimate in telecommuting. (except I'll be in a NY office) Anyway, the team gifted me with a fab group photo and a necklace with a tiny state of Georgia. I am a lucky woman."

It's 11:00 Do you Know Where your News Managers Are?

You know how your boss is always telling you to watch what you tweet? Management tells you not to use bad language and don't post any pictures while you're drinking.

Someone might want to tell the News Director and Assistant News Direct at WTTG (DC) Fox 5 to practice what they preach.

WTTG Assistant News Director Margie Ruttenberg posted a picture of News Director Dana Hahn and herself "boozing it up" with the caption "Raging Bitches".

One DC insiders wants to know if Hahn is also throwing down some "gang sign" in the picture?

We're guessing that would be a no.

But, it's still not the photo I think the bosses at Fox Television want to see on the Assistant News Director's official Twitter account.

Just saying.... 

Gutless San Antonio Station Won't Name Dirty Restaurant

KENS in San Antonio had a story about a local restaurant that was caught storing food in the bathroom.  ,

The station used a customer’s video showing cooks using the men’s room for storage.

Problem is that while KENS ran the story, they did not include the name of the restaurant. Which makes us wonder, why run the story at all if you are not going to say where this happened.

The station knew they had a good story on their hands, but were too gutless to name the place. So they ran the story just for shock value and deleted the most important information. 

Viewers on Facebook were also not happy with KENS and their LACK of reporting:

Along with not naming the place, after the flack, KENS pulled the video from the station's website. How lame is that?!

San Antonio's KABB did have enough guts to name the establishment called "Luxury.."

I don't get to San Antonio often, but I can assure you, I won't be eating at the Luxury when I do. I also won't be watching KENS newscasts.

I prefer my bathrooms not to store food and my newscasts to have news in them.

Just saying.... 

H/T Romenesko

AX to Swing at ABC O&O's

It looks like the robots are continuing to win the war with old time television.

Word is that the ABC owned and operated stations are going to do away with the master control  duties at their stations and use outsourced automation.

The staffs at the ABC O&O's have been told that the company is going to outsource master control operations to Encompass Digital Media, Inc. in Atlanta.

The NBC owned and operated stations started doing the same  back in 2011.

The change is expected to start in September along with a rumored ABC O&O traffic department hub in Philadelphia. 

Job cuts are expected. 

H/T Mike McGuff

FCC Approves Sinclair/Allbritton Deal

The FCC gave it's blessing to Sinclair and their $985 million deal to purchase Allbritton stations.

The FCC is telling Sinclair that they will need to sell off the Allbritton station in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and give up the licenses of Allbritton stations in Birmingham, Alabama, and Charleston, South Carolina, delivering programming there through so-called multi-casting on the signal of stations Sinclair already owns.

Sinclair will also terminate a sharing arrangement in Charleston, South Carolina, the FCC said. Also, the originally proposed sidecar arrangements with Howard Stirk Holdings and Deerfield will not be included in the transaction, the regulators said.

Sinclair had proposed such concessions in March as the regulators began planning a crack down on TV stations that share advertising sales staff.

H/T Reuters 

Lawyer Sues Norfolk Station for Defamation

Portsmouth attorney Sterling Weaver is suing WAVY for defamation, claiming the station maligned him in a story about his arrest on an assault charge.

Weaver is seeking $5 million, according to the lawsuit filed this week in U.S. District Court.

WAVY has denied the allegations.

In a Feb. 6 newscast, WAVY reported that Weaver had been indicted on felony assault and misdemeanor sexual battery charges for an alleged incident involving a female deputy in a Portsmouth courtroom.

The deputy accused Weaver of inappropriately touching her.

During that report, WAVY also said it "did some digging into Weaver's past" and discovered that he had been convicted of assault and sentenced to 30 days in jail for grabbing a prosecutor by the throat in 2006, according to the lawsuit.

The station, however, failed to report that Weaver appealed that case to a Circuit Court judge who dismissed it after Weaver remained on good behavior for a year, the suit says. He did not serve jail time in that case.

Weaver, who is representing himself, says in the lawsuit that he was lying on the floor of the Portsmouth City Jail after his February arrest when he heard WAVY's newscast about his case.

Really?! This guy was laying on the floor of jail cell? That's got to be like licking the seat of a public toilet. GROSS!

The lawyer claims that the report "falsely portrayed the plaintiff as being a previously convicted criminal" and the reporting was done "with a reckless disregard of the truth." He called the report "scandalous, malicious and defamatory."

Well..... OK then. 

H/T Pilot-Online

Former CNN/HLN Weather Anchor to the Weather Channel

Former CNN/HLN Weather Anchor Bonnie Schneider is about to resurface on The Weather Channel. 

The popular Schneider tells FTVLive that she is, "joining The Weather Channel as a Freelance On Camera Meteorologist."

She started her training this week and will be seen on TWC soon. 

She is also the author of the book EXTREME WEATHER.

This is a good pick up by The Weather Channel, let's hope it isn't long before Schneider is brought on full time

David Gregory To Be Gone Rumors Heat Up

NBC is claiming that all the "David Gregory will be dropped from Meet the Press" rumors are completely false.

Of course, NBC does not have a good track record for denying rumors that turn out to be true.

Yesterday, the ratings for last Sunday's shows came out and that fired up the rumor mill even more.

In a week of big news, Meet the Press got its ass handed to them by both ABC and CBS. 

HuffPo says that ABC's "This Week" and CBS's "Face the Nation" battled it out for first place in the total viewer category, with ABC pulling well ahead of CBS in the coveted A25-54 demo. "MTP," meanwhile, was stuck in third — not even part of the conversation.

NBC can deny it all they want, but David Gregory is on some very thin ice and the temps are going up.

Stay tuned.... 

Cox Names New ND at Seattle Property

Seattle's KIRO TV has named their new News Director, replacing Bob Jordan who recently retired from the station.

KIRO did not look far for Jordan's replacement. The station bumped up Managing Editor Jake Milstein to the ND chair.

Let's see what quotes the creative services department made up for Jake:

“I’m thrilled to be in this new role leading such a talented group of journalists, as we make KIRO 7 Eyewitness News the go to place for news on-air, on-line and on social media,” Milstein supposedly said. 

Hey WSMV! Are you Trying to Kill the Guy?

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 2.33.40 PM.png

WSMV chucked journalism ethics out the window months ago, when they started send out their news people as part of the station's "Surprise Squad."

The WSMV news team goes out to local grocery stores and "surprises" people (we're guessing that's where they got the name) by paying for their groceries.

It's all part of an effort to get people to watch the station.

Why the hell they are using news people as part of the "Surprise Squad" we have no idea. But, they aren't the only station doing it.   

In WSMV's latest edition of the "Surprise Squad" they sent out Morning News Anchor Holly Thompson to buy people's groceries for them.

Mostly, Thompson just met the people at the register and paid their bill for them.

But, one guy was given the chance to run around the store for 4 minutes (because WSMV is Channel 4) and load up his cart with groceries that the station would then pay for.

Of course, Thompson picks a guy that is wearing an oxygen REALLY she did! See the picture above for proof. 

So, the poor guy is told he has 4 minutes to dash around the store and buy whatever he wants.

Of course it would have actually been a real news story if the guy collapsed right in the aisle and died.

Clean up on isle 4.

Let's go to the video:

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