Station Says it Has Fired the Reporter that Quit.... HUH?!

FTVLive showed you earlier the video of KTVA (Anchorage) Reporter Charlo Greene throwing down the F-Bomb and then quitting her job at the station.

Greene, who was a 4th place runner-up in Miss West Virginia/Miss USA pageant this year (that says a lot) said that she is quitting her job to run Alaska Cannabis Club, and will be dedicating her energy helping legalize marijuana here in Alaska," she said.

After her F-bomb incident last night, KTVA released this statement:

Ummmmmm..... how do you fire someone that has already quit?

Just asking..... 

Fox DC News Director Headed to the Left Coast

FIRST ON FTVLive! Fox sources tell FTVLive that Dana Hahn, News Director of WTTG in DC, is headed to the left coast to run KTVU’s newsroom.

Fox recently agreed to trade their Boston station (WFXT) with Cox for KTVU.

Hahn has only been in DC a year after being bumped up from the ND gig at WJBK in Detroit.

Sources tell FTVLive that the WTTG staff has yet to be told that their news boss is leaving and that they will be getting their third ND in the past 14 months. Word is that Hahn is well liked & respected in WTTG newsroom.

As for who lands the gig at the DC station?

No word yet, but odds on favorite is Paul McGonagle - the current ND at WFXT in Boston.

We hear that's not quite a ‘done deal’, as long-time Fox exec/WTTG GM Patrick Paolini has to ‘sign off’ on that possibility.

Stay tuned.... 

Reporter Throws Down the F-Bomb and Quits

Reporter Throws Down the F-Bomb and Quits

KTVA (Anchorage) Reporter Charlo Greene did something last night, that TV people all over have fantasized about doing.

She quit live on the air and do so using the F-Bomb. 

Greene announced that she is leaving the station to now work in helping legalize marijuana. She said she is owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club

"Everything you heard is why I, the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, will be dedicating all of my energy toward fighting for freedom and fairness, which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska," she said.

"And as for this job," Greene continued, "Well, not that I have a choice, but fuck it, I quit."

At that point she walked off the set. Needless to say the Anchor was caught a bit off guard when they came back to the desk.

The video is up after the jump. 

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Oh CNN...You Just Can't Help it Can You

Sometimes you really wish that CNN could just do something right for once.

The used to be cable news network has become the butt of late night jokes and has no credibility left what-so-ever.

Yet, you still hold out hope, that maybe, just maybe they can turn it around.

Then CNN stumbles again. 

The latest screw up is minor, but just shows they can't even get the simple things right.

While airing developments in the story about Arizona Cardinals’ player, Jonathan Dwyer’s arrest, CNN displayed a graphic to show the recent domestic violence charges associated with NFL players.

Instead of the NFL Arizona Cardinals logo, CNN used the St. Louis Cardinals’ baseball team logo.

The bat that the cardinal is sitting on, should have been a dead give away that it wasn't the right logo. 

Of course, the screw up did let the people on Twitter have some fun:

Ouch! That last one hurt.


"Win With The Media"

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 6.38.50 AM.png

The St. Louis County and Municipal Police are offering up a class to officers that show them how they can "win with the media" after an officer involved shooting.

Using the events in Ferguson as their case study, attendees of the single-session training course will learn "essential strategies and tactics, skills and techniques that will help you WIN THE MEDIA" in the wake of a officer-involved shooting. And what's more, "you'll have fun doing it!" the class flyer boasts. "There is NO PowerPoint!" 

Topics covered may include: "Feeding the Animals" ("animals" being some sort of endearment for protesters or reporters?), "'No Comment' is a comment," "Managing Media Assault and Batter," and "Managing the media when things get ugly (think Ferguson)."

Of course, Ferguson showed if you can't "win the media" you just throw their asses in jail.

H/T Gawker

Former Reporter Coming Clean in His Battle with Booze

Rob Koebel was the Chief Investigative Reporter with WTMJ in Milwaukee, that was until he decided while drunk to pee outside an Apple a Store near his Milwaukee condo.

He was arrested, lost his job, his wife and continued to drink.

Now, Koebel is 2 years sober and coming clean with his story and his battle with booze.

He has done a documentary called 'SHATTERED: A True Story'.

Here is the trailer: 

Philly Reporter's Husband Charged with Sexual Assault

A Philadelphia Lawyer has been charged with sexual assault and it is a story that hits very close to home for one Philly Reporter.

Cops busted lawyer Andrew Marsico on Saturday and charged him with sexually assaulting an unidentified 27-year-old woman Aug. 21 in Center City, police said.

Marsico is charged with indecent, simple, and aggravated assault; unlawful restraint; and related offenses, police said.

His attorney, Fortunato N. Perri of Philadelphia, said, "My client maintains his innocence, and we are continuing to review the allegations and charges."

He is married to WPVI Reporter Annie McCormick. McCormick has been with the ABC O&O since 2012 and married her husband in April 2013. 

Her usually active Twitter page has gone silent since her hubby's arrest. 

H/T Philly Inquirer

Norfolk Sports Anchor Suffers Heart Attack

WVEC Sports Reporter and weekend Anchor Brian Smith is off the air after suffering from a Heart Attack.

Smith, 51, said he was at home in Virginia Beach Wednesday afternoon when he experienced shortness of breath. Increasing discomfort convinced him to go to Sentara Independence, where he was examined and transferred to the cardiac unit at Sentara Virginia Beach General.

Smith, who said he deals with high cholesterol that runs in his family, required a stent to clear a main coronary artery that was nearly 100 percent blocked.

“I’ll be off the air at least a month, then I’ll play it by ear,” said Smith, who has been with the ABC affiliate for 21 years. “I don’t like being sedentary for too long a period of time, but I have no other choice. I don’t want to go backward in any way, shape or form.”

Smith said he has been overwhelmed with text messages and well-wishes on Facebook.

“I look forward to getting back,” he said, “but right now I’m trying to just focus on getting through today.”

He was released from the hospital on Friday. 

H/T Virginia Pilot

CNN Says 'No' to Showing ISIS Video

CNN has decided that when it comes to showing video from those ISIS idiots, you can count them out. 

CNN says that the network won't be showing the latest video released by the Islamic State, which appears to show British journalist James Cantlie speaking in captivity. 

HuffPo reports that Tony Maddox, executive vice president and managing director of CNN International, explained on "Reliable Sources" that the network decided not to play the video because it contained no new information and was nothing but a clear use of torture by the militant group also known as ISIS. He called it "obscene," "disgusting" and something that "absolutely shouldn't be shown." CNN has instead chosen to show only a still image from the video when reporting on the story.

"What we're seeing is a form of torture," Maddox said. "This man is really trying to perform to save his life. Why would we showcase that?"

"Reliable Sources" host Brian Stelter added that CNN had a tough debate over whether to play the video on air. But ultimately, Maddox said, the "editorial returns were not worth the ethical compromises" of showing the tape. 

"We know that ISIS wanted us to show it," he continued. "And if we're in a situation where ISIS wants us to show anything, we should think really carefully about any way we can avoid doing that."

The decision echoes a previous statement by CNN against showing images or videos of U.S. journalist James Foley's death. Foley was also held in captivity by ISIS, and then beheaded in a video released to the public. Other news outlets, however, did not make the same decision with the Foley video.

Did ABC Boss Tell Babs She Couldn't be Live?

Are the ABC bosses trying to make sure that Barbara Walters does not appear live on TV?

Page Six says that Walters’ live TV appearances are being limited by ABC chiefs as the network focuses on its revamped version of the “The View.”

Sources told us, as the show’s creator and former co-host, Walters had wanted to appear live on “The View” when it returned last week with its new panel. But ABC brass nixed the idea, and she instead appeared in a taped segment.

We’re also told Walters was asked to appear on NBC’s “Today” last week during the show’s Homecoming Week, where special guests appeared to co-host the 7 o’clock hour with Matt Lauer as fill-ins for Savannah Guthrie, but ABC advised against it.

A source told us: “They [NBC] asked Barbara, and she in turn asked ABC. There was a brief conversation, and ultimately she decided not to do it, because she wants to be loyal to ABC and not appear on the competition.”

Another source added of Walters, “She was very happy with the cute piece on the top of the show, where the new hosts kissed her ring.” The source added that Walters is “very savvy about TV and knows that if she was a live guest, all the headlines would be about that and not the new hosts.” Or perhaps that is what ABC chiefs feared.