CNN Covered Actual News and it Was Good

Hey guys, it's me Scott. OK, I admit it, I can't stay away from FTVLive longer than a day.

But I wanted to throw some props to CNN.


Some people (i.e. Jeff Zucker) think that I have it out for CNN and that I'm always trying to slam the network every chance I get.

That simply is not true, I try to praise networks that do it right and criticize them when they don't. To be honest, CNN hasn't done much right lately and it is hard to find something to give them props for.

But, I found something and I wanted to take time from my vacation to give CNN some credit for getting it right.

This past weekend, I was flipping through the channels and while the guide had listed "The Sixties" playing on CNN, when I tuned into the channel I was shocked to see actual news coverage. 

CNN's Poppy Harlow was on the air covering the tensions in Ferguson and the latest developments. Wow! News on the cable news was like old times. No Parts Unknown, The Hunt or The Sixties, but some real honest to goodness news coverage. 

The coverage was well down with some interesting interviews and a good mix of both sides to the Ferguson unrest.

In fact, when I tuned in again on Sunday, it was Poppy Harlow again covering news. The coverage was very good and well produced.

CNN has wanted me to "Go There..." and I did. 

It was a job well done and I wanted to point it out.

Now, I'm headed back into the pool.


KSDK Shows Officer's House on TV

Disclaimer: The Scott Jones in this photo is no relation to FTVLive CEO Scott Jones.

Disclaimer: The Scott Jones in this photo is no relation to FTVLive CEO Scott Jones.

UPDATE:  It seems KSDK's troubles aren't going away after their apology. Social media isn't letting up after the station sent reporter Farrah Fazal to do a LIVE shot showing the Ferguson police officer's home and address. Boycott KSDK on Facebook already has more than 29,000 'likes'.

Leave it to a not-so-bright producer (probably a Millennial) at St. Louis' KSDK to put a reporter in front of the house of the Ferguson police officer that shot Michael Brown. As soon as the station aired the video, social media lit up with angry viewers. The station later apologized. Sadly, an apology isn't going to fix the damage done in the name of "Where The News Comes First". No word on whether Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are planning to drop by.

If you care, here's the apology: KSDK issues apology to officer, audience

Note: The Scott Jones post (right) to social media is not the same Scott Jones that runs this website. Hard to believe but there is more than one Scott Jones in the world. 


Oh..... He's Definitely Out the Door

Last week, FTVLive told you that WPIX (New York) News Director Mark Effron was told by the station that his services were no longer needed.

After our story, Tribune PR person Jessica Bellucci, emailed FTVLive this comment,  "To set the record straight, Mark returns to the station on Monday (Today) he's out of the office this week due to his father's passing."

So did FTVLive get the story wrong?

No we didn't.

Impeccable sources tell FTVLive  Effron has been told that he is being let go from the station. He has been told that he can stay on for a few more weeks, but in the end he's leaving the station. 

Our source says that Effron will be gone in the fall.

Sadly, Effron's Dad recently passed away and while dealing with all that, the poor guy also has to deal with the fact he is soon losing his job.

Sometimes this business sucks, no matter who you are.

We wish Mark well in his next endeavor. 

As for the Tribune PR person emailing us some quote, but not giving us the REAL story? That's why we tried to deal as little as possible with station PR people.

The Intern Is In Charge

FTVLive CEO Scott Jones is on a golf hiatus. And just like at most networks and TV stations, management has left the Intern in charge (I'm sure that's still a sore spot for the folks at KTVU). The first thing we're going to do is use correct spelling. After that, well, given this is the most powerful blog in the industry, we're taking bribes to write positive stories. After all, interns don't get paid and we're certainly not going to pick up chicks by bragging we're writing for FTVLive! Therefore, the most amount of $ or best 'freebie' will get the best story. It's just like the GSM coming into the ND's office after some advertiser plunks down 'new money'. Trust me, Scott will never know and after all, I get all the emails and pick up the mail this week anyway. Let's begin!!!

Dallas Anchor Arrested on Vacation; "I was an a--hole."

Dallas Anchor Arrested on Vacation; "I was an a--hole."

Turned out to be a pretty crappy vacation for KTVT (Dallas) anchor Brendan Higgins in Aspen, CO. According to police, Higgins tried to punch an employee of The Residences At the Little Nell. When police arrived, Higgins told them he was an a--hole. When they placed him under arrest he became belligerent and said, "I'm going to beat you until you're dead." According to the police report, Higgins was so violent they had to use a Ripp restraint. In case you're not from Texas, that's kinda like 'hog tie". 

Higgins is due in court on September 10th. Maybe a 5-part series for sweeps is in order ending with, "Resume writing & Demo making"?

The Police Report is up after the jump

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Elizabeth Vargas Back In Rehab; "I'm ashamed."

20/20 anchor Elizabeth Vargas is back in rehab for alcoholism. The 51-year old told Page Six she decided to go back into treatment over the weekend. Vargas first entered treatment last fall. She and her husband, Mark Cohn ("Walking In Memphis" songwriter) are going through a divorce. Cohn is reported to have had an affair while Vargas was in rehab the first time. Vargas recently signed a new deal with ABC. Suits there say they're standing by her.

Paging Dr. Drew?


FOX Philly Hottie Heads to KC

We're being told FOX 29 Philly traffic anchor Kacie McDonnell is headed to KSHB-TV in Kansas City to do AM traffic. That's a 27 market drop. Why would anyone do that - on purpose? Turns out Kacie is dating KC Chiefs quarterback Aaron Murray. I guess when you look like Kacie, you can take risks like that. But a word of advice, Kacie... make sure KSHB ND Carrie Hoffman let's you travel to 'away' games.

McDonnell starts on September 22.

Did NBC Pay David Gregory $4M in Hush Money?

As FTVLive reported multiple times, David Gregory was 'dead man walking' even back when NBC suits flew into DC and said, "He's our man". Anytime a suit has to defend someone, it's the kiss of death. Now there are reports the network gave Gregory some extra $$ to go out 'nicely'.

I know I'd certainly tweet nice things for $4M! Hey, that reminds me, I'm not getting paid SQUAT! Does anyone have the number for that intern class action suit?

H/T Page Six