Another San Antonio Anchor Starts Crying on Set

Earlier this summer, KSAT’s Isis Romero, who gave birth to a baby boy on Saturday, apologized to her viewers on Facebook. “My apologies everyone,” she wrote. “We did a story about a 4 month old baby that got burned by fireworks, and then a story about another baby who was left abandoned on a subway platform, and I just couldn’t get through it. As a mommy-to-be, my heart just couldn’t take it. Those poor, precious babies. Thanks to Steve (Spriester) for jumping in for me.”

Viewers really reacted to Romero and reached out to her for showing her feelings on air. 

Fast forward to this week and another San Antonio Anchor broke down during the newscast. This time it was on WOAI. Randy Beamer came to the rescue of  Evy Ramos earlier this week when Ramos became "too emotional" to finish a story about two young children seriously injured in an automobile accident. 

Viewers who saw the TV moment wrote on Ramos’ Facebook page that her very human reaction only endeared them more to the anchorwoman.

“Thank you guys for your kind comments,” she responded. “It is always tough for me to talk about stories that involve sweet little children. I have three of my own, and it just hurts. I don’t like to lose my composure like that, but it happens.”

The anchorwoman, who came to WOAI-TV from California just last May, said she usually avoids such moments by preparing in advance. She’ll read this sort of tragic story before the broadcast, “so I can let it all out;” you know, steel herself for the news.

This time, however, the emotions took over.

And viewers seem to love it. 

H/T San Antonio Express News

Producer Shoots and Kills Host of TV Show

I have seen a lot of fights between talent and their producers, but this one tops them all.

Baton Rouge TV personality Scott Rogers, host of the Around Town show, died in a shooting Wednesday, Police say he was shot by the producer of the show, who also happens to be his son-in-law. 

Cops believe that Matthew Hodgkinson, shot and killed Rogers before turning the gun on himself, according to WAFB. Hodgkinson survived and was transported to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital where he is listed in critical condition.

"We have detectives at the hospital," Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi told the TV station. "He's on a ventilator and he's sedated, but he's still alive at this time."

The cause of the shooting, which occurred in St. Gabriel, is not yet known, though Iberville Sheriff's officials believe the event was a murder, attempted suicide.

Rogers reportedly was involved in an ongoing legal battle but details were not immediately available.

WAFB also reported Wednesday evening that Hodgkinson called the station earlier this week, leaving a voicemail message that he planned to cancel the weekend show because of a "family catastrophe."

Around Town, a feel-good show featuring local events and personalities, airs Saturday and Sunday mornings on WAFB.

H/T The Times-Picayune

St. Louis Reporter is Pink Slipped

KMOV Reporter Chris Stanford says that he was called into the bosses office on Friday and told his services were no longer needed. 

"I showed up at 2 p.m. (Friday) with every intention of working for the 10 p.m. newscast," Stanford said in an interview with the St. Louis Post Dispatch. 

Stanford said that when he met with some station managers to talk about a different matter, "they then told me they were going to exercise an option in my contract" to dismiss Stanford without cause.

Stanford had been a regular contributor to KMOV's coverage of the unrest in Ferguson. His Twitter feed shows his last dispatch from the scene to be: "Calm in #Ferguson tonight."

Stanford said KMOV managers complimented him on his work in Ferguson, and did not point to any specific problems with his previous work.

"They basically were saying that (Stanford's employment at KMOV) wasn't a good fit. I don't know what to say to that, since my last review was around the end of 2013. And at that time, they said I 'met expectations,'" he said.

"It was a surprise to me," he said.

KMOV news director Brian Thouvenot said he could only say Stanford "no longer works at the station."

Don't you just love TV news? 

Very Hot Rumor! Vice Media Acquiring HLN

OK, I want to give you guys a very hot rumor that I'm hearing but have not been able to confirm it from a second source.

FTVLive hears that Vice Media is acquiring HLN and that the deal will be announced in the next couple of days. Word is that Time Warner would still hold a stake in HLN, but it would be a minority stake in the network. 

If this is in fact true, expect HLN to break away from CNN. Word is that Vice will basically tell everyone that is not under contract that they will have to re-apply for their jobs.

At this point FTVLive only has this from one source and has not been able to nail down confirmation from a second source.

But, our single source on the story says the deal could be announced as early as tomorrow.

REPEAT: This is a rumor that the deal is done. FTVLive has not confirmed the story through a second source.

Stay tuned.....  

What Happens When One of them Leaves?

KRIS-TV in Corpus Christi decided to plaster some of the talents faces on a production trailer. It's something stations do all the time, but where KRIS screwed up was the number of talent they used in the picture. 

10 people! Are you kidding me?

There are very good odds that one of these 10 will be gone in the next serval months and now your are driving around a production trailer with the face of someone that no longer works at the station. 

Will that just cover that person up after they leave?

Rule number one in promotions never put more than 4 faces on billboard, news truck or trailer. And make sure they have a longterm contract. 

One last thing, you parked your trailer in a handicap spot! MOVE!

Turner Buyout List Tops 600

Staffers at CNN/HLN and other Turner properties have received an email from the beancounters about the proposed buyouts the company is offering.

Sources tell FTVLive that those that are eligible for the Turner buyout received an email with the information. 

Attached to the email is a sample document of what the employees who accept the "separation" will have to sign. It's a 26 page document-- the first 6 or 7 are contract, the last 19 are one long list without names of every employee position 55 and over for Turner in the US.

Word is the list has generic titles like "producer," which you have no clue who that is and you could never trace back. Then there are specific titles like EVP of some dept that you can easily figure out who that is.

There's a column indicating eligibility...some with Y and others, N, because either, we assume, they're under contract or have been at Turner less than 10 years.  

There are somewhere in the vicinity of 650 positions of which a little under 1/3rd are CNN.

After CNN figures out how many people will take the buyout, they will then know how many more they will have to layoff.

The number will be significant. 

Stay tuned.... 

Katie Couric Ignores Sawyer's Sign Off

When Diane Sawyer signed off from ABC World News, FTVLive took to Twitter to see if her competitors would have anything to say?

NBC's Brian Williams did say anything, then again Williams hasn't posted a tweet since he joined Twitter 4 years ago.

CBS's Scott Pelley is also not very active on Twitter, his last tweet was 3 months ago and it was to crow about winning 3 Edward R. Murrow awards.

How about Katie Couric?

Couric is very active on Twitter and she and Diane Sawyer have been competing against each other in the morning and at night for years.

So what was Couric's first tweet after Diane Sawyer signed off from ABC News for the last time?

Looks like Katie could give a shit about Sawyer's good bye:

Now it's David's Turn

As Diane Sawyer walks away, David Muir is next in the batting order.

He said that it was a moment that he dreamed would come:

“Diane, George [Stephanopoulos] and I knew weeks before the announcement. Three reporters kept this news quiet. Trembling inside, I silently carried that within me. There were predictions. It was a guessing game. I’ve dreamt of this moment but never pushed for it. There was no guarantee, no contract promises, nothing written that I’d get it.”

Any fears?

“My stomach has butterflies. I’ve anchored with no prompter, been in a terror attack, reported from Gaza, Ukraine, covered famine as the first journalist in Mogadishu, lived under al Qaeda fire thinking it’s an invasion, slept with garbage bags on the floor in a hurricane without food, electricity, everyone screaming and me reporting out a window.”

Any relaxation?

“I eat nothing all day then, after saying good night, mac ’n’ cheese — everything. To sounds of music I try 25 minutes a day at the gym, treadmill, stairs. I work writing and rewriting right up to airtime.

“There’s the moment you have to do it. And it’s always fear at the end of a show. I hate anybody thinking I think I’m special. Nothing great about me. I’m just a normal upstate guy with parents to thank and I drive myself crazy to be better.”

H/T Page Six 

Former Orlando Anchor is Back in Cancer Fight

Former WESH Anchor Wendy Chioji is one of the strongest most inspiring people on the planet.

Wendy has the ability to find good news in some of the worst news you can imagine.

Chioji has looked cancer straight in the eye and kicked it's ass. When the cancer returned, Wendy just took it on like a heavyweight champ going into the next round.

Yesterday, Wendy took to her blog and broke the sad news that cancer has once again returned and this time it does not look good. She's hoping that she can get into a clinical trial called PD-1 or PD-L1 and save her life. 

Chioji writes: Three weeks ago, everything was fine. Today, I’m looking for a Hail Mary pass. I’d say this is a fairly  graphic illustration of the fact that you have to live EVERY day like it could be your last. Luckily, I’ve been doing that for a while. And I feel pretty good… no REALLY good, that I’ll get into a trial for a drug that will extend my life AND let me keep my hair.

I have been a huge advocate of clinical trials for more than a decade. Now, I’m hoping it’ll be a clinical trial that saves my life. Not to be morbid, but at this point, it looks like that’s all that will. I am filled with optimism. And as you know, attitude is everything. Livestrong.

God bless Wendy! 

Pushed Out in Miami

A couple of weeks ago, FTVLive told you that WPLG he demoted Morning Anchor Jen Herrera back to a Reporter. 

Now it appears that Herrera is getting pushed out the door. Word is after 11 years at the station, her contract is not being renewed. 

It seems to be the pattern for WPLG. Herrera’s former co-anchor partner Jason Martinez left the station the same way. First they moved him from the morning desk to Reporter then eventually out the door.