Former Bloomberg Anchor Lands in Waterloo

KWWL announced that they have hired former Bloomberg Anchor Teal Jennings to anchor the station's morning show. 

It's a homecoming of sorts, Jennings began her career in eastern Iowa and was most recently reporting with Bloomberg Television in Chicago.

Let's see what quotes the Creative Services Department made up this time:

“I’m thrilled to be returning to eastern Iowa,” Jennings said. “Being there with people as they start their days and take their lunch breaks is something I really enjoy. It’s a responsibility I take seriously as well. I like having my day start off right, and enjoy my mid-day, so I owe to the people watching me to make sure their day goes right as well.”

“Teal is a great addition to KWWL,’” said Dan Schillinger, news director at KWWL. “She’s a skilled journalist, has the right personality for morning and noon news. Being from the area gives her extra insight in to what our viewers want to see in the morning.”

Her first day will be April 30.

Traffic Guy Bumped Up in Sin City

FTVLive FIRST told you that KLAS in Las Vegas had parted ways with morning Anchor Cale Ramaker.

Now, FTVLive is FIRST to tell you who is replacing him.

Traffic Reporter Brian Loftus has been promoted to the morning Anchor gig. He has been filling in since Ramaker was kicked to the curb. 

Here is the internal memo sent to the staff and obtained by FTVLive:

From: Ron Comings <>
Date: Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 12:27 PM
Subject: Brian Loftus
To: "8 News NOW Staff (Postoffice)" <>

8 News Now staff,

 I'm pleased to tell you that Brian Loftus will take over the anchor duties on our morning newscast starting immediately. Brian has done a terrific job filling in on the anchor desk and has a tremendous amount of support from his co-workers and fans.

Brian is giving up his duties as our traffic anchor and we will begin the search for a new traffic anchor right away. 

Please join me in offering Brian our congratulations! 

Ron Comings
News Director

Dallas Station Hires O-Town Weather Anchor

KDFW in Dallas has announced that it has hired Meteorologist Ali Turiano to fill their weekend Weather Anchor opening.

Turiano comes from Orlando cable News 13.

She will replace longtime Weatherman Rob Jackson who retired in February after 32 years at the station.

“I have always dreamed of being a part of the Dallas community and am looking forward to calling the ‘Big D’ my home,” Turiano said.

Buffalo Weatherman Busting Up

Sometimes things happen behind the scenes that get people laughing. Usually it is something rude, crude or gross that gets TV anchors laughing and they just can't stop.

WGRZ (Buffalo) Weather Anchor Andy Parker got the giggles this morning and trying to stop laughing just made it worse.

Andy wouldn't say what the joke was, but we're betting it was either rude, crude or gross that got him giggling.

Let's go to the video: 

USA vs. Canada in the Battle of News Sets

KTVA News Set

KTVA News Set

FTVLive told you about one of the better news sets that we have ever seen and it's in a very small market.

FTVLive sponsor Devlin Design Group built a news set for KTVA in Alaska and it is extremely impressive to say the least.  

Our buddies over at NewscastStudio are running a contest who has the best news set?

The KTVA has been advancing through the bracket and is now up against a set from Canada AM. 

So the contest has pitted the good old USA against Canada in the battle of the news sets.

You can view the battle here and vote for which set you like better.

Even though Devlin is a sponsor of FTVLive and he and his company is American, we are not going to tell you which way we think you should vote.

Screw that!

Vote for the KTVA set and let's show those Canadians that the Red, White and Blue is best when it comes to TV news!


MSNBC Anchors Silent on Comcast Takeover of TW

Paul Abrams points out something very interesting on the Huffington Post.

He writes: Rachel, Chris, Ed, Al, Lawrence, Chris....say it ain't so.

Nary a mention of the gigundo merger between Comcast and Time Warner.

You are, all of you, about speaking truth to power.

Rachel, you just did a piece on Oklahoma's new law taxing individuals who install solar panels. Oklahoma is a big oil-producing state.

So, what do you expect the legislature to do, unless of course they were operating in the public interest as they are supposed to do? Was that not the point of your expose?

But, how can you even feign surprise or try to hold them to a higher standard when you and your colleagues ignore the major telecommunications issue of the year because, it appears, your paymaster is one of the beneficiaries?

Please, tell me I am wrong. That it is pure coincidence. That if you did an expose you would honestly come out in favor of the merger anyhow.

Ed, convince me that this merger is in the best interests of country. Convince me that you would hold that view even if you were not an employee of the network.

Where is your truth? When will you speak that to your powerful bosses?

Or, are you just fooling us? That, far from trying to reverse the trend toward oligarchy, that you are really part of it, even if the trailing edge?

Say it ain't so.

Chicago College Student is Also Ohio Anchor

Many college students hoping to go into TV news are worried about landing that first job after graduation.

But Roosevelt University Journalism major Giacomo Luca is scared, he already has an anchor job before he graduates in May. 

Robert Feder says that Luca, 21, commutes four hours each way between Chicago and Lima, Ohio (population 40,000), where he’s been anchoring and producing the 6 and 11 p.m. Saturday and Sunday newscasts on NBC affiliate WLIO-TV since March 9.

“Journalism isn’t a career, it’s a lifestyle,” Luca declares on his bio. “I’ve decided to dedicate my life to seeking truth and reporting it.”

The Cincinnati native most recently held a morning news internship at Tribune Broadcasting WGN-Channel 9, where his mentor was news anchor Larry Potash. “Giacomo has a passion for broadcast journalism that, in my experience, most interns don’t have,” Potash said in a statement. “Because of his knowledge of technology and his work ethic, I gave him the freedom to coordinate segments and stories. He gained valuable experience in writing and producing that many interns miss.”

Luca has been honing his skills since high school when he worked as a reporter, editor and videographer for the student-run television station while doubling as editor-in-chief of the student newspaper. He later landed college internship at stations in Jacksonville, Florida, and Cincinnati.

Roosevelt doesn’t even offer a broadcast major, making Luca’s achievements all the more remarkable. He’ll begin working full-time at WLIO right after he graduates.

“Once I figured out that TV was what I wanted to do, it’s been full steam ahead,” he said. “It’s a bit overwhelming for me to not only be graduating but also to be achieving my career dream.”

I'm Depressed Because it's all over the News

I'm Depressed Because it's all over the News

Some people get depressed watching the news, others because they are on the news.

Kevin Hughes was busted in a South Carolina Walmart for walking around the in the middle of the night wearing only black shoes. Which sadly is not the strangest thing that happens in Walmart. 

WSOC Reporter Trish Wilford confronted Hughes in front of his sister’s house. After saying that he didn't want to comment, he then told Wilford the reason he was buck naked in the big box store.

He says he got his drugs mixed up. 

“I’ve had a problem with drugs in the past, I still like to do some Ecstasy once in a while; the only drug I ever thought I’d do again. And I accidentally got methamphetamine instead, and it really made me crazy.”

He told Wilford that he was depressed because it's all over the news and now says he's going to have to move.

We suggest he move to a place that's not close to a Walmart.

Just saying.....

The video of the story is up after the jump. 

Read More

Things Going From Bad to Worse at Al Jazeera

As we predicted, Al Jazeera is dying in the ratings and the cable news channel is already making cuts.

Last week we told you that Al Jazeera America's flagship show, "America Tonight," was being pre-empted on Wednesdays for the next few months in favor of a reality show. 

Now there's more bad news.

Sources tell FTVLive that the  Friday broadcast has now been turned into a half hour "special." These specials are pre-recorded and contain little news. Also, insiders say, on other days of the week the show has begun to rerun pieces that aired weeks earlier. These pieces are often outdated and have not been updated. 

Insiders believe that the end is near for "America Tonight," especially in comparison to the channel's two other programs, the business shows anchored by Ali Velshi, which expanded to an hour this week and the one anchored by John Siegenthaler, which is at least has some viewers. 

AJA has only been averaging 15,000 total viewers in primetime, and about 5,000 viewers in the target 25-to-54-year-old demo, according to Nielsen which is considered nothing more than hash marks.

The deathwatch for the entire network has been kicked up a few notches.

Not to say we told you so..... 

ESPN Analyst Arrested for Spousal Battery

Another ESPN Analyst has been arrested for and assault on his significant other.

Former NFL wide receiver and current ESPN analyst Keyshawn Johnson was busted by cops at his California home on a misdemeanor spousal battery charge.

Johnson, 40, was taken into custody shortly before 1 a.m. on Monday when Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies responded to an assault call.

Deputies "determined that the resident and his ex-girlfriend were involved in a domestic dispute," sheriff's officials said in a statement.

Johnson, 41, was released on $20,000 bond. ESPN is looking into the incident, a spokesman said.

"I would like to apologize to my family, friends, fans, colleagues and, of course, to Jennifer for what happened last night at my home in Calabasas," Johnson said in a statement. "Though the true facts will come out as part of the legal process, I can say now, without hesitation, that I did not hit, grab or strike Jennifer, nor would I ever touch her or any woman in anger. I am cooperating with the authorities and will continue to do so to ensure that this personal matter is fairly and expediently resolved."

Johnson has worked as an analyst at ESPN since 2007 and appears on "NFL Countdown" on Sundays and Mondays.

May 16th is Barbara Walters Day

Tell your boss that you are taking off on May 16th, because it is Barbara Walters Day.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is proclaiming May 16 as "Barbara Walters Day." 

That's the day that Walters is retiring from appearing on on TV doing so for five decades.

De Blasio made the announcement Monday when he appeared on "The View," the daytime talk show that Walters co-hosts.

He gave her an official city proclamation.

No word yet if Barbara Walters Day will become a national holiday.

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