Bumped up at Al Jazeera America

Al Jazeera America White House correspondent Mike Viqueira is being bumped up the food chain at the network.

Viqueira is now AJAM's Senior Washington Correspondent and he takes on a management role at the network. 

Here is the internal memo that was sent out to the staff: 

From: Marcy McGinnis 
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 17:49

Hi All,

I am pleased to announce that Mike Viqueira has been named Senior Washington Correspondent effective immediately.

While continuing to cover the White House for Al Jazeera America, Mike will also assume a management position in the AJAM Washington bureau. Mike will lead the team in coordinating news coverage and pitching and assigning stories as well overseeing DC budget and personnel matters.    

A seasoned national journalist, Mike joined Al Jazeera America from NBC News where he had served stints as White House correspondent and Capitol Hill correspondent. He joined NBC News as a producer in 1998 and later became MSNBC’s chief congressional correspondent covering politics and legislation on Capitol Hill. Prior to NBC, Mike was a news producer and on-air reporter in the Washington bureau of NHK, Japan’s largest broadcaster. Mike’s extensive network of contacts will help increase awareness of AJAM’s mission among top government and political officials as the network continues to grow in scope.

Please join me in congratulating Mike as he takes on this additional role.

OMG! Please Make Him Stop

MSNBC's vast wasteland of a hire, Ronan Farrow sat down with Malala Yousafzai, the youngest winner ever of the Nobel Peace Prize.

So, what did Farrow ask the young girl that was shot in the face by the Taliban and proceeded to speak out for the voiceless?

Let's go to his Twitter feed:

Needless to say the twitterverse was not real impressed with Farrow and his interview:

Lean Forward....

How Much Are Stations Getting for Political Ads?

Politicians love buying ads during newscasts. They feel that if someone is watching the news, they are more than likely to vote compared to someone that is watching Honey Boo Boo, or some other stupid reality show.

That is the main reason TV stations have been adding newscasts, to rake in the political dollars.

But just how much money are they making per spot?

A political ad on WSIL (Carbondale, IL) late local newscast gets $425 for a 30 second spot.

That very same ad on KTVI's (St. Louis) late newscast will get $1,800 for a 30 second ad.

Again, that same ad on WMAQ's (Chicago) late newscast will pull in $3,200 bucks.

That means, WMAQ is making around $50,000 in political ad sells in just one of their newscasts.

In other words, you need to go ask for a raise. 

Just saying..... 

Nexstar to Buy Phoenix Station That No One Wants

Nexstar Broadcasting is paying $68 million bucks for a Phoenix station that no one apparently wanted.

Nexstar is buying KASW, a CW station that has bounced around from Belo to Gannett to Sander to Meredith as its owner. 

The station does not have a news operation and it is likely that Nexstar will not bring one to the station.

So, in other words, who cares about this story.

Not me. 

CBC Shows How to Cover Fluid Breaking News

Watching the coverage of the shooting at the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, was a refreshing look at some good journalism.

Tuning into Canadian TV during a big news event, should be required viewing for aspiring journalist here in the States. 

Watching CBC anchor Peter Mansbridge handled the breaking news was a breath of fresh air, compared to Don "Blackhole" Lemon, John "They Got Him" King and the other wild speculators at CNN. 

Watch the clip below in which Mansbridge clearly explains the lack on information available without resorting to the type of wild speculation so often seen on American cable news. 

Note the calm tone and lack over loud, overly confident graphics as Mansbridge warns against following scurrilous rumors. It’s a far cry from that time a CNN reporter pointed out how “interesting” it was that a dog was barking during the shootout that following the Boston Marathon bombing. 

H/T Mediate

NBC To Extend Dr. Snyderman's Quarantine from NBC's Air

NBC News Medical Correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman is about to come out of mandatory quarantine, but don't look for her on NBC's air.

According to an internal memo, NBC brass says that Snyderman "will be taking some time off."

The memo talked about Snyderman and the rest of the crew that accompanied her to Africa to cover the ebola story. Speaking of the crew and Snyderman in particular, the memo said,  "We have encouraged them and they have agreed to take some time off to help restore some normalcy to their lives."

Of course the real reason for the time off is to given viewers a chance to forget Snyderman's trip to a local restaurant. Snyderman made news when she broke her voluntary quarantine to make a run to the local eatery. Many residents in her neighborhood were upset and felt that the NBC newswoman put them at risk for ebola.

Matters were made worse when Synderman issued what can only be described as a very lame apology. 

NBC is hoping that Snyderman's absence from the air for almost 2 months total will give viewers time to forget.

Stay tuned.... 

Really NBC?!

FTVLive told you that Ashoka Mukpo, a freelance Photographer that was working with NBC when he contracted Ebola was discharged from the hospital and is ebola free.

Somehow through great journalism, NBC was able to land an "exclusive" interview with the Photographer that worked for them.

How NBC News was able to beat out ABC, CBS, CNN and Fox News to land an exclusive interview with the man that they are paying and was working on their staff, we have no idea. 

NBC made sure to label the interview with a big "exclusive" banner on NBC Nightly News, after all  they beat out everyone, landing an interview with their own employee. 

I smell a Murrow A coming on. ward 

More People Cut From the Weather Channel

The EP of the Weather Channel's AMHQ wasn't the only one sent packing yesterday.

Back on October 2nd, FTVLive told you about Weather Channel layoffs and we reported that more cuts were coming before the end of the year.

The Weather Channel denied FTVLive's report and said that they were done with cuts.

Not true.

Sources tell FTVLive that Weather Channel boss David Clark's big speech about no more layoffs was clearly BS.

Sources say that TWC are cutting people very quietly, slyly marching people into meetings and up to HR and then quickly out of the building.

No announcements are being made, people just disappearing.


Lawyer Sues San Antonio Station

A San Antonio attorney on Wednesday sued KENS claiming he was defamed and libeled in news reports.

Lawyer Jon Christian Amberson’s lawsuit seeks at least $1 million in actual damages and $5 million in punitive damages from the station.

The San Antonio Express News reports that Amberson claims that KENS aired reports that incorrectly reported he stole property and mineral rights from a Karnes County couple.

Triston Sanders, KENS’s executive news director, didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

In 2009, Amberson represented Michael and Cassandra Harms in a lawsuit against oil company Regency Field Services. The couple alleged the company exposed them to dangerous toxins.

According to Amberson’s lawsuit against KENS, the couple and the company entered into a confidential mediated settlement. As part of the settlement, the suit adds, the Harms deeded their 10-acre homestead to Regency.

In May, though, the Harms told KENS I-Team reporter Joe Conger that they never agreed to give up their property. The report said the couple was informed by a bank and local title company that they still owned the property, Amberson’s suit states.

Amberson, in his suit, alleges KENS knew the Harms’ allegations were “false, misleading and outright untruthful.”

“Without any facts whatsoever to support their storyline, KENS-TV. . . misrepresented numerous statements and claims attacking my honesty, integrity and professional work, all in an effort to fabricate a scandal to drive their TV news ratings,” Amberson said in a statement.

So? What's his point?

Freelance NBC Photographer Discharged from the Hospital

Freelance NBC Photographer Discharged from the Hospital

Ashoka Mukpo, a freelance Photographer that was working with NBC when he contracted Ebola was discharged from the hospital a shot time ago.

Mukpo released a statement while leaving the hospital. In that statement he praised NBC for their help and compassion. 

"I want to give a special thank you to NBC News, who went above and beyond in the support they gave me throughout my illness. It is a storied news organization that proved to me they understand the value of compassion for their colleagues," he said in the statement.

His full statement is up after the jump. 

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